Artificial Intelligence Revolt Is Here – Can We Evolve?


The Industrial Revolution was driven by Thomas Edison who set up the Electricity supply framework, Henry Ford who commoditized autos, John Rockefeller who guaranteed a consistent stock of Oil, J.P. Morgan who upheld industry with a consistent stock of Finance, Andrew Carnegie who drove the extension of the steel business, Cornelius Vanderbilt who fabricated the transportation business through railways and delivery and Graham Bell who upheld correspondences using the phone. Organizations that drove the Industrial upheaval in 1960 were GM, Standard Oil, Ford, GE, US Steel, Gulf Oil, Texaco and Chrysler.

The Information Revolution has seen a blast in Internet traffic from 180 TB (Terabyte) in the late 90’s to 156 EB (Exabyte) in 2019 with the Market Capitalisation of Internet organizations going up by 1000x in a similar timeframe. Over the most recent 25 years, alone the organizations in the Top 10 have seen a sensational change from NTT, GE, Exxon Mobil, Coca Cola, GM, Philip Morris, Walmart, Merck, Roche and IBM in 1994 to Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, Berkshire Hathaway, Alibaba, Tencent, Johnson and Johnson and Visa in 2019, flagging the finish of the Industrial upheaval and the start of the Information insurgency.

We are at the origin of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Revolution which will revolutionise all industries and build a new business order. The importance of this revolution, which has hitherto not been seen will change every business and established players will have the most to lose.

Let’s look at the world’s largest ride-sharing platform Uber, Ola, Didi and Grab, whose annual gross merchandise value (GMV) has shot up from USD 23 billion in 2016 to USD 95.8 billion in 2019 a staggering compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 60% year on year. 

The world’s leading performance space community WeWork has risen to 466,000 fellowships from under 100,000 memberships in just 2 years achieving a CAGR of over 120%.

India’s driving lodging network in India OYO Rooms has added 176,000 new rooms in total over the most recent 3 months in India, China and globally, contrasted with only 15,000 rooms by Marriott, driving worldwide inn bunch chain and just 10,000 rooms by the Hilton gathering. 

Simulated intelligence will see the becoming animated of the new Brain PC. The quantity of semiconductors surpassed the human mind in 2017 with IBM, Global Foundries and Samsung building up an industry first interaction to construct silicon nanosheet semiconductors that will empower 5 nanometer chips which are 30 billion switches onto a microchip chip versus just 3 billion switches in 2010, empowering a goliath jump in nano miniature preparing ability.

Artificial intelligence with the assistance of blended the truth is permitting individuals to make introductions in any piece of the world without going in any language utilizing the extraordinary voice signature continuously. The blended reality innovation received by Microsoft is being utilized to make the 3D image and render it live and AI discourse to message ability and record and afterwards use AI convert into any language lastly apply neural content to discourse innovation to get the remarkable voice, totally democratizing AI. 

Traditional tissue biopsies were moderate, costly and naturally unsafe. This is being supplanted with fluid biopsy which is progressively protected, moderate and fast. The up and coming age of AI is the speculation of DNA treatment, the supplanting of dead cells with new cells, and the 3D printing of fake organs prompting the passing of maturing by expanding future to 200 years and even the chance of the end of death.

People will start to live with and exist together with clever robots as dreary errands will quickly move to robots. Chatbots will imitate most human discussions with in-assembled AI to continue to improve the reactions. All that will be coordinated into the cloud (Big Data) from shrewd autos to wellbeing intercessions to savvy machines prompting a universe of 10 trillion associated Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets. 

With AI the capacity to redo the human experience will increment dramatically. The food we eat will be more secure and tweaked to every individual’s advantage where robots will supplant culinary experts as they will get the fixings and cycle of cooking spot on. The new world will have no auto crashes through self-sufficient driving with organizations like Tesla leading this move. We will encounter a world with no lethal sicknesses as DNA investigation will dispose of these and hopeless illnesses like disease will be treatable in 10 years with the counterfeit substitution of cells.

Are individuals, organizations and nations willing to permit this world to come in and take over numerous jobs and applications? It is safe to say that we are prepared to reskill and retool to be ready for the new ordinary? Is it true that we are available to the prospects to train ourselves about these quickly advancing advances as AI is based on self-learning and personal development? Will we sincerely advance to manage the new world request of robots and AI? 

The universe of AI is staying put! Would humans be able to advance as quickly as AI which is modified to develop as a feature of its DNA?

Author – Dr. Raja Roy Choudhary


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