Artificial Intelligence – Strength And Weakness


Need to know what is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is an automatically reasoning machine. It performs automatic functions based on its thinking. Artificial Intelligence is designed for human beings. It makes humans easy. In 2019, about 35.8 billion dollars were invested in worldwide artificial intelligence. Researches and procedures are indicating that in 2026, there will be spending about 8 billion dollars to just for the healthcare system in Artificial Intelligence. This year, Asia Pacific is going to invest about 5.5 billion dollars for an Artificial Intelligence system, which is about 80% of 2018. Now we have understood that in actual, what Artificial Intelligence system is exactly? So let move on for further study of this system.

As the computer introduced, the self-working ratio of the human being is decreased. The computer working ratio is at a peak level in every sector. Hence the human is depending on the computer now.

Strenght of Artificial Intelligence

  • Gaming

In the games, such as chess, Ludo, Tic Tacetc. Artificial Intelligence plays a key role. In such systems, the AI system should have the ability to create a self-thinking power to understand the steps.

  • Reduction of Errors

AI system provides us a great facility of error reductions inaccurate measurements and values. This facility provides a great relaxation about research analysis and management.

  • Challenging Expedition

Artificial Intelligence helps to robotics to the expedition of oil resources during the mining. Robots can perform more easily the implementation for work instead of human beings, and this thing comes in themselves due to the exact word top word programming.

  • Smart AI apps

In our daily life, artificial intelligence is used in Face detection during the picture shooting. It helps in the recognition of our live voice chat in CortanaIn google, the AI provides the facility of voice typing and responding. It is the best use of Artificial Intelligence. Moreover, the artificial intelligence also provides the facility of directions and mapping in our Android device for driving. It navigates to the exact locations.

  • Analogue Helper

Many of the applications and organizations provide the avatar facility. Many people don’t know what an avatar can do? An avatar directly contacts with the user and recognize his physiology. This system is also provided by Artificial Intelligence.

  • Job Repetition

Artificial Intelligence covers monotonous jobs. Which are repetitive. Multi-task programs easily can be performed with machines. A machine ever thinks faster than a human being. In calculations and regular work of analysis, a machine is much stronger than a human being. It all based upon the AI system.

  • Medical field Application

In medical, the AI system assists the doctors to easily and accurate diagnosing of diseases. It helps doctors to learn medicines. In surgical methodology. The AI system plays a vital role. It is used to diagnose the tumors in the human body and cure them with a suitable and perfect method.

Weakness Of Artificial Intelligence

 Aside from every one of the advantages it brings, Artificial Intelligence has a few negatives too. The potency of the machine learning algorithms behind AI-based solutions is heavily dependable on the standard of data that they’re fed with. PCs can be as mindful and as intelligent as their Algorithm enable them to be. Humans will unnecessarily be extremely smitten by the machines if the employment of computer science becomes rampant. they’re going to lose their inventive or imagination power and can become lazy.

Artificial Intelligence can’t act innovatively and suddenly to understand a specific or particular issue. What they’re going to do is follow common steps and a pre-defined methodology, which in remarkable circumstances, will turn out ineffectual.

  • Lack of Self Thinking Power

No original creativity. Artificial Intelligence is not able to develop as a person and this is the most important difference. Artificial Intelligence is a frozen knowledge and algorithms at that time that was laid by man. Artificial Intelligence does not have intuition as a person. Artificial Intelligence will never create a piece of genius music, like a person. And what we now see in reality: there is more of the Intelligent Intelligence, the more the degradation of the human brain, which of course is the creator of Intelligent Intelligence. therefore, Artificial Intelligence will never do what a person could do.

Machines can’t build up a bond with people. In contrast to people, Artificial intelligence machines can’t be improved with experience. Those of who have colossal assets can execute it. In any case, businesses and industries that do not have funds will find it difficult to implement AI technology/innovation into their procedures or techniques. Machines cannot think creatively or out of the box and will not perform such a task. Perhaps the best risk we face with simulated intelligence is its basic leadership instrument or decision-making mechanism. they are no match to the intensity of thinking that the human brain has or even the innovation of an imaginative personality.

  •  Very Costly

When combining the expense of establishment, upkeep, and fix, AI is an expensive proposition. Repair and maintenance of AI machines require huge investment.AI machines based on programming, which need frequent up-gradation/update After some time, due to changing in AI machines and the requirement for the machines to be more intelligent frequently.

  •  Threats

I agree the danger of AI innovation is genuine. AI will supplant human occupation. Numerous human tasks are easing back took over by the AI and other AI machines. Previously, bank tellers could enable you to make transactions and bank cashier could help you in paying for some food supplies at the market.

  • Cause of Unemployment

AI technology is the cause of unemployment. The main corn of artificial intelligence is related to job losses. Replacement of humans with AI machines can .lead to large scale unemployment.

Seemingly, robots have just taken numerous employments on the mechanical production system. In the automation age, a considerable lot of these employments can be and are being finished by robots. Unemployment is a socially unwanted wonder. Individuals with nothing to do can prompt the ruinous use of their inventive minds.

  • Zero improvements with Experience

AI can’t be improved with involvement. they can perform the same function again if the same order is given to them. It stores large amounts of data but the way it can be accessed and used is very different from human intelligence. they can’t adapt up to the dynamic condition thus they can’t adjust their reactions to changing conditions or Changing environments.

Conclusion– So the human environment is surrounded by machines and hence a question arises that is it possible to machine understand or think like a human being? Hence this thing creates a role for the generation of Artificial Intelligence.


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