Become A Corporate Ready Professional With The UBS Globally Acclaimed Management Programs


In today’s technology-driven and highly competitive world, it’s imperative for students to keep abreast with the latest financial, political, and corporate advancements worldwide.

Learners should understand scoring higher grades and grabbing the sophisticated ‘’DEGREES’’ isn’t enough to remain afloat in this fast-paced world. YOU should be a problem-solver than a grades scorer in this world.

By studying global programs, you develop the ability to evaluate the upcoming opportunities and dangers for further analysis.

Do you want to accentuate your management capabilities? If yes, knock on the doors of the Universal Business School (UBS) and pursue globally acclaimed management courses.

Why Are Global Programs In Hot Demand Today?

Both learners and professionals are looking for growth opportunities in the corporate world for education and experience. For becoming a successful professional in the business world, understanding the cultures of various business platforms, knowing the rapidly changing market trends in the global market, and having the insights of the businesses are imperative.

There are endless advantages to pursuing global programs in today’s competitive world.

  • Better scope of learning in the management world.
  • Enhanced networking with the learners and professionals of diverse fields and streams.
  • Global management programs offer you the spectra of endless opportunities for your career growth.
  • The placements in this stream are highly advantageous and provide geographically multiple employment opportunities.

Why Is UBS The Ideal Destination For Pursuing Globally Acclaimed Courses?

Surprisingly, UBS (Universal Business School) has established India’s only Green business school for delivering a sustainable campus and environmental-friendly integrated thinking. The UBS institutes based in India are founded and managed by first-class international business leaders who are multi-millionaires and have global management experience.

UBS is currently offering full-time/part-time graduate and post-graduate management courses. Executive management development courses are also available at Universal Business School. Here are the advantages you can expect after becoming a disciple of Universal Business School.

  • Get leadership lessons and guidance from more than 100+ business leaders and CEOs of India.
  • Universal Business School is recognized by the famous 60 CEOs of the management world.
  • By studying at UBS, you get the mark of ‘GLOBAL ACCREDITATION’ on your curriculum vitae.
  • At UBS, you get the opportunity of getting a broader exposure to global management education.

Universal Business School Is Associating With The Top-Notch Foreign Universities For Curating Management Courses For The Students

Universal Business School is one of the finest Indian institutes that have collaborated with nearly 8 first-class foreign universities. UBS is committed to collaborating with its international partners to deliver value-driven BA, BBA  courses. The management courses developed through collaboration encourage professionalism, business attitude, and quality thinking.

UBS global management programs are highly recommended because of their innovative teaching style, foreign specializations, and life-changing learning experiences. If you want to become the problem-solver of your organization, UBS is the destination where you can seek leadership guidance, thrive towards excellence, and enhance your lifestyle.

Let’s Learn About The Universal Business School Global BA Hons and BBA Courses

BA (Hons.) Degree In Business Management + Economics / Psychology

Universal Business School is a pioneer in futuristic education, which is centred on skill and experience rather than the old degree-based education system. Industry 5.0 will present new challenges, and current degree-based rigid programmes will become obsolete.

In light of the challenges and skill sets that will be required in the future, UBS, the best college in Mumbai offering a BA(Hons.) Degree in Business Management + Economics /Psychology proudly presents the future of Business Management and Psychology, which will meet the demand for skill sets and will be an ideal complement to business education.

An integrated Psychology and business education, in our opinion, produces thoughtful and well-informed civic leaders while also providing students with a wide range of career options, something that only a few Mumbai colleges with BA (Hons.) Degrees in Business Management + Economics /Psychology can provide.

Students have the option of studying only business management or a combination of business management and psychology or economics, which no other BA (Hons.) college in Mumbai can match. Through introspection and self-awareness, it cultivates individual independence. It encourages people to think for themselves.

It helps students comprehend the bigger picture of business concerns, as well as the role of business in society, history, culture, and ideology. As a result of the cross-fertilization of ideas and the constant new viewpoint that this provides, it leads to more creative, inventive, and entrepreneurial thinking.

Students can pick a minor in Psychology or Economics in addition to their Business Management major at UBS, where they can study for two years in India and one optional year in the United Kingdom (2 years in India and 1 year in the UK).

Students pursuing a BA (Hons.) Degrees in Business Management + Economics/Psychology at UBS have the option of taking classes in disciplines that are not directly related to their major but provide a broader understanding of the subject and their connection to other fields.

BBA Cardiff MET. UK

Universal Business School offers a high-quality undergraduate program in association with Cardiff MET. University, United Kingdom. It incorporates international standards and helps students get a global perspective on everything they study. Its value proposition is unmatchable as it is one of a kind in Mumbai and has a whole new take on BBA. After completing the course successfully you will be equipped with knowledge of a multi-disciplinary approach to business, various management problems and other important aspects. The UK Quality Assurance Agency ensures the quality and standard of the curriculum.

BBA + MBA Cardiff MET. UK

An integrated program of BBA and MBA in partnership with Cardiff MET. University, United Kingdom. It is one of a kind program that includes all the basics of BBA and MBA programs on management and business. Get access to advanced knowledge that helps you learn various aspects of a business and shapes your future as well.

It is curated in association with Cardiff MET. The University of the United Kingdom ensures high-quality and global education for the students. This course builds a strong foundation of theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Want To Take The Advantages Of Global Education? Join Universal Business School

At Universal Business School (UBS), admissions, collaborations, teaching methods, guidance sessions, everything else is taken seriously. Here, you’re encouraged and supported by national and international professionals. Learning from a globally acclaimed curriculum will help you gain an edge over others. By joining UBS, you’re undoubtedly getting the best guidance and training for achieving your management goals.


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