Empowering Future Leaders With Powerful PGDM Programmes


“I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.”

Maya Angelou

The proper knowledge can help young minds to achieve their career goals. One of the many ways to achieve greater success is to gain the right knowledge. Today the world of business is evolving every minute, and to keep up with it, one must know about all the aspects of a business. 

Today, higher education is a must to stay ahead in a highly competitive world. Earlier higher education meant MBA, but now the dynamics are changing. The new MBA is the PGDM programme. 

A PGDM, or post-graduate diploma in management, may be a better alternative if you wish to follow an MBA programme and use it as a springboard for a corporate career. In this blog, we’ll go over some of the significant benefits of pursuing a PGDM, so you can decide whether or not to pursue a post-graduate diploma management degree.

Industry-Relevant Syllabus: Unlike most MBA programmes, PGDM programmes are revised every year or so. It’s because PGDM colleges in India are often self-governing and don’t have to wait for universities to update their programmes’ curriculum. The PGDM programmes by Universal Business School are designed in association with highly reputed foreign universities in the United Kingdom, France, and more. They constantly work towards offering better education with international standards incorporated. 

Acquire Skills Beyond The Books:  A PGDM course introduces you to the complexities of management and helps you improve your communication and interpersonal skills. Students improve their decision-making abilities and analytical thinking through classroom lectures, role plays, guest lectures, company visits, summer internships, and personality development activities.

Ready For The Corporate World: The advantages of taking a PGDM degree go beyond personal development and acquisition of business management knowledge. The benefits are numerous and multi-dimensional. One of the essential advantages of doing a PGDM programme is that it prepares you for the business world. 

A well-known B-School, such as Universal Business School, can help you advance your career. You will be able to master the essentials of modern business management and learn about topics that will help in your professional development. Every PGDM course, for example, covers topics such as human resource management, finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, statistics, and economics. This kind of learning experience will set you up for a long and fruitful career.

Endless Opportunities For You:  PGDM is more commonly preferred by MNCs than MBA. That is why big industrial players are gravitating to PGDM programmes. Students are taught to be skilled and are given opportunities to build their careers step by step. 

Universal Business School takes pleasure in providing students with high-quality industry placements that enable them to succeed. Students benefit greatly from the institute’s long-standing relationship with the industry since they never have to wait or battle for internships and placement opportunities at the largest corporate enterprises and organisations in the public and private sectors.

Start Your Entrepreneurial Journey: At UBS, the students are trained and encouraged to think beyond their employment. It helps them become visionaries, doers, and innovators by mentoring them. Most significantly, the college assists them with their business concepts. 

The institute believes that start-ups are the way of the future in New India. Students should not only find excellent jobs and careers for themselves, but also to help others find great jobs and careers. Many of the alumni members have gone on to start their own businesses and are now recognised as industry leaders.

What Makes UBS an Ideal Choice for You?

Karjat’s Universal Business School is the brainchild of 60 CEOs, known to be India’s first green business school. UBS offers a globally certified British, American, and European curriculum and the opportunity to learn from global CEOs and CXOs. 

In the Times B-School Survey 2021, Mumbai, UBS was named a “Top Management Institute.” The curriculum is laced with 80% practical learning in a 100% residential programme with excellent placements. 

Join a global Alumni network spread over more than 100 countries. UBS has a broad selection of management programmes to choose from, befitting every aspect of the modern business world.  

UBS has partnered with leading universities and institutions in the United Kingdom, the United States, France, and Bulgaria for better curriculum and knowledge. As a result, you can also explore AICTE-approved PGDM and Global MBA programmes as well as British BBA and BBA + MBA programmes at the undergraduate level from the Top British University of the Year!


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