A proud moment for Komal, after receiving a fully paid scholarship to study at the University of Economics, Varna.


My UBS journey till now has been tremendous, and UBS has provided me many opportunities to gain broad exposure like interacting with global industry leaders, Global Business School Network, etc. The most prestigious opportunity I have got is the ERASMUS+ scholarship, the most coveted scholarship at UBS. ERASMUS+ is a European Union student exchange program that will provide me a fully paid scholarship to study at the university of economics Varna, a 100-year-old European Institute. My program director, professor Vijay Tandon has mentored me in this journey and helped me out in every step. He has always believed in me and gave me ample opportunities to enhance my leadership skills, which has also boosted my confidence and motivated me to perform better and better each day. 

One of the reasons I enrolled in the PGDM program at Universal Business School was this international opportunity and for this, I have worked hard from before the commencement of the academic delivery. I have been actively participating in all the extra-curricular activities while maintaining a balance of academics as well. After seeing my dedication my program director gave me many leadership positions and authorities like Manager of competitive activities, program committee member, etc.

The criteria for getting shortlisted for this scholarship were my past academic performance, internal assessment marks, and 100% attendance, after which I went through a 3-phase rigorous selection process.  Phase 1 was comprised of the no of concept videos made, wow cards received, GBSN session attended, participation in mini case blazer competition, club winnings, current leadership position, CSR activities, some significant achievements, and a write up about how I would contribute to UBS as a brand ambassador. In phase 2 I was tested on my communication, time management, analytical, presentation skills, and how I will respond under pressure. I was required to analyze and present a Harvard Business Review article within a time frame of 5 minutes. In the last phase, I was interviewed by the founder of UBS Mr. Tarundeep Singh Anand and our program directors, and then I finally got selected.

Education has been a key factor in making Europe one of the fastest-growing economies in the world over the past decade. I am excited, and it will be a big opportunity for me to travel internationally. There will be Peer to peer learning, Global opportunities, improvising the skills and knowledge based on the factors which will add value to my career. I have never been to Bulgaria. I want to explore its heritage, culture, traditions, cuisine, and medieval cities. I will take the culture and trends back to India later. Moreover, I will be able to build a diverse network. As the University of economic is an esteemed institute of academic and economics research, it will be a great learning opportunity. I will be able to collaborate with students and professors for research work. The University provides diversity among students. This will allow me to interact with students across the countries and expose me to different cultures, languages, and customs.


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