Executive MBA- The rising trend in management world


A person’s role changes as they grow, but what remains constant is the learning. Traditionally, once a person has done their graduation and post-graduation, their education is over, and now, all they do is utilize the developed skills at work. However, now the times have changed.

There is no age to learn something new that can help you accelerate your growth. Many working professionals are also considering courses specially introduced for them to help them grow at more speed in the corporate world. One of the popular courses many professionals vouch for is the executive MBA.

Like MBA, an executive MBA also educates students across various subjects like marketing, human resources, finance, and more. However, an executive MBA focuses on developing leadership skills and boosting one’s knowledge of the business industry, problem-solving skills, upgrading management techniques, and more. 

If you are already in a leadership role or are aspiring to be in one, an executive MBA can prove to be very helpful. Before we move further, let’s learn what exactly an executive MBA is.

What Is An Executive MBA?  

An executive MBA is similar to a regular MBA. However, it is designed especially for working professionals who are working in a managerial role or aspire to work in a managerial role and climb the success ladder. 

Usually, an executive MBA is taken up by working professionals who have already gained a good experience in the corporate world. This course is part-time as working professionals have to manage both work and education, and therefore, the course is conducted on convenient days and times. 

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Types Of Executive MBA

Executive MBA comes with a lot of options for working professionals. There are 3 types of executive MBA, which are as follows:

Key responsibilities of a business analysts

1.Executive MBA

The traditional executive MBA is a part-time program that is designed according to the schedule of working professionals. Usually, classes are offered in the evening or on weekends with face-to-face live sessions.  

The enrolled students work on improving their communication and management skills by closely working with their classmates. This also helps them expand their network when they get to meet other management professionals.

2.Online Executive MBA

An online executive MBA is a more flexible option for professionals who want to attend classes from anywhere. This type of executive MBA offers the same curriculum as the traditional one with online classes that one can attend from anywhere on their device. 

3.Specialist Executive MBA

If you want to specialize in a particular branch, you can do so through the specialist executive MBA program. This helps in acing a particular field of work and climb the corporate ladder at a good pace.

 Benefits Of Executive MBA

  • Flexible For Working Professionals

The best thing about pursuing an executive MBA is that one can work and study without compromising on either of them. Many people have to leave their job because of studies, but an executive MBA is specially designed in a way that one doesn’t have to choose between their job and studies. 

  • Promotion Opportunity

An executive MBA equips you with the latest technology and skills. This increases your chances to get a good promotion. This helps the students boost their career and achieve the desired goal. Along with this, many professionals pursue an executive MBA to change their field of work. If an engineer wants to enter the management field, they can enroll in the executive MBA program and make a career in it.

  • Better Salary Opportunities

Pursuing executive MBA programs can offer better salaries. Many working professionals take up this program for the sole purpose of getting a much better salary package. After completing an executive MBA program, one can opt for a higher post with a good salary package.

  • Increase Your Professional Network

An executive MBA is mostly taken up by working professionals. Once you enroll in the course, you are bound to meet professionals belonging to different fields of work. This helps one grow their personal and professional network.

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Executive MBA- How To Go About It?

If you are planning to pursue a course in executive MBA in India, you can opt for many reputed colleges offering the program. There are many types of executive MBA programs that business schools offer. You can compare them and opt for the most suitable business school for the MBA executive course. 

With the outburst of COVID-19, many business schools have taken to online executive MBA. However, you can opt for some of the best executive MBA programs and get your dream job or salary package. 

If choosing a college is a tough choice for you, you can opt for the Universal Business School. It offers you excellent faculty and a platform to learn and get hands-on experience. 

Here are the course details:

Details And Duration

  • The course offers classes on Sundays 
  • The course is of a duration of 15 months
  • Students have to complete 7 taught modules wherein 5 are compulsory core modules and 2 are optional modules. These are combined with a final project/dissertation. 
  • A 3-months dissertation is submitted by the students.

Core Modules

The 5 core modules of UBS’ executive MBA program are as follows:

  • Marketing
  • Operations Management
  • Accounting for Decision Makers
  • Strategic Management 
  • People and Organizations

Specialization Modules

The specialization modules of UBS’ executive MBA program are as follows:

  • Marketing
  • Strategic Global Marketing
  • Understanding the Behavioral Elements of Marketing- Knowing Your Consumer
  • Finance
  • International Finance
  • Management of Finance
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Management
  • Logistics in a Global Context
  • Human Resources
  • Managing People in a Global Context
  • Developing People for Leadership and Management
  • Business Analytics
  • Social Media Analytics for Business
  • Business Process and Data Analysis


The routine of working professionals has become hectic. While they want to study more, it becomes impossible for them to do so because of their work schedule. There is no set age for learning. Many working professionals are taking up courses that help them polish their skills and get their hands on the latest techniques and methods. 

When it comes to the management field, an executive MBA has been introduced as a special program for working professionals who want to grow in the field of management or change their career, they can opt for an executive MBA program and get their dream job without compromising on their work. 

There are many benefits of pursuing an executive MBA course, like connecting with people from different professions, promotional opportunities, higher salaries, and more. 
If you are looking forward to pursuing an executive MBA in India, there are many business schools you can opt for. One of the best business schools is the Universal Business School. It offers weekend classes at convenient timings and flexible modules so that you can learn with ease and work at the same time! Enroll now and get your dream job.


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