Global MBA from UBS: A Significant Decision with Exceptional Rewards


This unique exposure to global business does more than accelerating your career. You will gain the ability to operate as a successful leader capable of managing ambiguity and change in the global economy.


In today’s ever-transforming world, being global and yet local is a mantra for victory. With more businesses putting a more inclusive focus on the global market, getting a degree with an international-centric curriculum and distinct student bodies will help a candidate in standing out.


The term ‘Global’ is applied to describe an advanced degree program which has a diverse student body and an international orientation of pedagogy. 


A Global MBA equips you with an opportunity to immerse yourself in a novel environment and learn about different cultures. It provides you with exposure to global ways of doing business through its curriculum that focuses on business and marketing practices across various territories.


Most of the renowned B-schools are compelled to adapt their curriculum, philosophy and course structure to resonate with the increasing global nature of the business world. So, to prepare students for these fast pacing changes, the Global MBA degree by Universal Business School (UBS) feels like a breath of fresh air.

Let’s see how!

A Distinct Global MBA Program by UBS

Universal Business School, among top Business schools in Mumbai, aims to give the highest quality globally accredited MBA Degree. Delivered over two continents, Asia and Europe and thoughtfully curated by three B-schools – Cardiff School of Management, IIM-Indore-, and Universal Business School, this Global MBA program offers a degree in major specializations (Finance, Marketing, HR and Logistics & Supply Chain).


The course intends to encourage independent and creative thinkers by following the British Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) guidelines in giving students a robust, practical and professional orientation, thereby differentiating from other Indian MBA programs.


The objective of the UBS Global MBA Degree Program is :


  • Making students’ understand the nuances of multiple business aspects.
  • Providing students with exposure to the international market to help them become global pioneers.

Key Features:


  • Global Accreditation: The program boasts of association with one of the oldest education institutions in the world – Cardiff School of Management. With a history of 150 years, it is a compelling destination for students looking for the best global education adding exponential value to their future.
  • 6 Consultative Placement Team Members: UBS has developed a unique consultative placement approach which positions each candidate for careers matching their skills. The “Management of Self” course and the weekly mentoring ensures students can confidently face interviews. 
  • Strength and Vulnerability Integration (SAVI) Model: UBS has developed the SAVI Model under the guidance of 60 CEOs, where they understand student background, skills, competencies and aspirations, through a Self-Assessment evaluation. It is validated with internal and industry mentors and then suggests intrusions towards developing future competencies relevant to specific job roles.


With this ace placement model in place, many ex-students have got successfully placed in globally-recognized organizations such as Novastar Development LLC, KPMG, OnePlus, EMEL Corporate Solutions, Deloitte, ITC, Venture Gulf Group, and HDFC Bank, with a maximum package offered of Rs. 20 Lacs per annum.


While many of the alumni students have directly received offers for international placements in locations like the USA, Middle East, Europe, and Africa, several students have turned Entrepreneurs and are creating exceptional enterprising which have attracted Venture capital funding


  • Delivered by 10 CEOs: This is the only program in India delivered by ten former CEOs ensuring that experts who have been there in the industry from quite long, teaching the next generation of leaders.
  •  Interactive Pedagogy: Students receive multiple industry knowledge sessions, mentoring, mock interviews, aptitude tests, psychometric tests, business writing skills, domain knowledge quizzes and grooming sessions by industry leaders.
  • International Semester/Internship: Students pursuing Global MBA are offered with an opportunity to complete their program by studying last semester at the global affiliated college. Also, students are put into practice of working with global organizations via abroad internship programs.
  • KPMG Certification & The Wall Street School Certification: The college renders certification services which will allow students to showcase their excellence in the global management arena.

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Bask in the Glory of UBS as One of the Finest Ranked B-Schools


Universal Business School has been ranked as one of the top universities and B-schools in India. Some of their prominent ranking achievements are:


    • Truly Global B-school in India by Times B-School
    • 2nd Most Attractive B-School in India by Foreign Students (GMAC 2019)
    • 1st College with Best Industry Exposure by Students’ Choice, Collegesearch
    • Most Upcoming B-School in India by ASSOCHAM & HRD Ministry
    • 2020 Business India A+++ 
    • TOP 5 Green Education Institutes by India Today

Promising a sound future with better job opportunities in the business industry and higher salary structures, the Global MBA degree with UBS provides a platform that helps students to fulfil their career growth plans. 


Exploring opportunities to develop a better career plan, management students can envision the benefits that the global management program offers in terms of experiences and learning in global business insights.


Hence, if you have professional goals involving global business and looking to advance further, this Global MBA is the right choice for you. You need to consider the time and financial investment expected from your end. However, it is also necessary to understand how an international program can help you take off your career.




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