How A Global MBA Can Give You Exponential Exposure?

Global MBA

A Global MBA is an internationally acclaimed variant of the regular MBA program that specializes in international business management. The curriculum includes globally relevant subjects that give you some much-needed perspective on international businesses. Global MBA teaches international business management, with special regard towards the infusion of technology and Internet connectivity in the way we conduct our business.

Unlike a regular MBA, a Global MBA equips students with a fundamental understanding of entrepreneurship, and the complexities of scaling a business. There’s a sea of differences between working for local vs. international companies. From pay scale to opportunities for promotion and further advancement, global MBA graduates are better positioned to perform better than their peers.

The coursework for the program includes extensively designed subjects and concepts that pertain to the international business community, and the student class includes admissions amassed from a diverse pool of nationalities and backgrounds. Students interested in opting for a non-traditional method of working and standing out from the usual MBA crowd can give a global MBA a try.

To make a dent in the global hiring circles, you need to have a degree of the same caliber. Having a regular MBA doesn’t cut it anymore. You need the extra weight to pump up your resume, which can come from getting a global MBA. A global MBA cuts through the competition and edges ahead of you in the recruitment poll.

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4 Ways in Which Global MBA Can Give You Exponential Exposure

Now that globalization is the center of all businesses, companies expect their employees to be trained in a world-class business sense that enables them to turn their regular locally earned knowledge into global directives. With a global MBA, you get tremendous international exposure that positions you to be the first choice for globalized companies. Let’s explore some of the reasons why:

Practical learning opportunity

The perks of enrolling in a global MBA degree fare far beyond any other degree. The two years of practical classes, expert lectures, and diversified learning train you to be agile and flexible and inculcate a dynamic working style in you. Studying alongside the leading scholars of the world positions you to get the best practical training possible. All of these lessons later translate into quick internships and job opportunities in world-class companies of the world.

The practical skills you gain from real-life situations and high-stakes problems prepare you for the real world in ways a regular MBA cannot. MBA students from Universal Business School (UBS) get incredible opportunities and are some of the first picks for all major internship programs and have access to international companies as well.

International career

A global MBA is a ticket to a majestic international management career. With the oversaturation in the educational arena, the worth of an MBA has dramatically decreased in the last couple of years. Degrees like these expand the scope of your career and help you in navigating the tough and cutthroat competition of the business world. A global MBA gives your resume the extra edge and positions you as an expert in your field. The skills you earn from a global MBA can transform you into a global citizen.

Global MBA is specifically designed with modules that focus on the wider micro and macro management techniques and business skills of students. Global MBAs have gained immense popularity among students of developed countries. It is now the go-to course for students who wish to seek international exposure.

Attractive career opportunities

  1. By enrolling yourself in the global MBA program, you position yourself in an admirable MBA community full of like-minded thinkers and scholars. This incredible opportunity can be the base of your blooming international career. A global MBA prepares you for employment in any part of the world. Global MBA salary is miles ahead of regular MBAs. You can find lucrative job offers straight after graduation and quickly progress in your career. You can also earn meaningful work experience pretty quickly and move away from your country. The latest job trends reflect that experienced management professionals can make up to INR 58 LPA after getting a global MBA.

    A global MBA is perfect for dynamic and competitive people who wish to earn the corporate industry exposure that allows them to flourish in their careers. Global MBA provides you with much-needed skills to establish yourself in the community and allows you to work in the best corporations in the world, no matter your country of origin. Working with new people and a diverse set of teammates arms the art of practical learning and exposes you to the latest industry trends and business innovation.

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Expanded network opportunities

Global MBA students are introduced to international scholars, industry leaders, and workers from different sides of the aisle. Enrollment into the global MBA program opens new doors for students and gives them international exposure that they can build their careers on. Global MBA scholars are trendsetters and newsmakers, hailing from the best undergraduate schools in the world. As you graduate and move ahead into the world, you get to expand your job profile and seek a job in leading corporations in the world.

A global MBA allows you to step out of the cultural differences that hold communities back and propels you to become a part of the international community. These experiences came in handy when it comes to securing your place in the different working environments of the world.


A global MBA sets you up for success by placing you on the global stage. The exposure to the diversity of course modules, international business styles, and numerous cultures widens your worldview and sensitizes you to the different working styles of the world. Additionally, it also prepares you for management positions in all top companies of the world. For these reasons, a global MBA is a worth it and a solid way to propel you towards exponential exposure. 


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