How a Pathway MS (Business Analytics) Program by UBS is Creating Niche Space for Data Analytics & Management Aspirants


Data Science is the new Engineering.

Why do we say this? Well, because there is not any surprise that business analytics and intelligence is one of the fastest-growing domains in the enterprise software landscape. The driving force today behind any data-driven company is insights. To reach these insights, organizations use business analytics techniques to collect data from multiple sources, interpret, and communicate the outcomes in ways that decision-makers can understand.

Businesses are increasingly growing digital and are continually getting capable of precisely measuring every aspect of their operations.

Why Do Companies Need Business Analytics?

Almost every business requires the use of data analytics tools to measure their performance and make informed decisions. However, big companies rely exceptionally on Big Data more than any otheR because their business decisions involve a vast sum of money and consequent competition. Therefore, data-driven organizations make a point to gather not just high-volume but also high-quality data and rely on experts with degrees in business analytics to help them make sense of it.

According to SeaGate’s research, 163 zettabytes of data is expected to be created by 2025. Hence, there is going to be a massive demand for data experts who can analyze and manage the vast volumes of information. So, those looking to advance their careers with a Master’s in Data or Business analytics are uniquely positioned for success.

With the expanding scope and demand of the experts in this sector, it is also true that trying to extract meaningful business insights from the collected data is challenging – almost as same as searching for a needle in a haystack. An MS-Business Analytics professional here is the one who can save the day by bringing a magnet to do the task.

UBS Offers an Exceptional MS in Business Analytics Program

The Universal Business School in Karjat, Maharashtra, extends Masters of Science in Business Analytics degree that prepares students how to manage big data using business analytics tools and solutions. It offers the program in partnership with the University of Dallas.

The program offered at the UBS campus is a full-time residential program (8 months) and at Mumbai Training Centre as a part-time weekend program (10 months) – finally leading to a degree course (MS in Business Analytics) at the University of Dallas. 

The bottom line for this program is to train students on how to use models, statistics and machine learning in order to make a positive impact on business performance.

Striking Features of the Program: MS in Business Analytics

  • Study in an Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) Accredited University: The distinction/accreditation guarantees the degree that current and prospective students receive from the University of Dallas, is recognized as one of the world’s best. 
  • Excellent Placement Opportunities in USA & India: The program offers students with the best placement assistance in India and International (USA). Students shall be rendered with exceptional guidance throughout their recruitment process in some of the top data science companies.
  • Earn Statistical Software Suite (SAS) Certification: The MS in Business Analytics offered by the University of Dallas is developed in technology partnership with SAS. Students will not only get to learn functional techniques in Business Analytics here but shall also acquire SAS certifications. This certification helps students advance their knowledge and stand out in a high demand field. 
  • Get Industry Expertise: Business analytics aspirants learn contemporary technologies that make machine learning, optimization and statistical models relevant, accurate and secure. From Deep Learning and AI to business intelligence and quantitative techniques, students get to explore the data ecosystem and learn sophisticated technologies.
  • Globally Renowned Faculty: Students receive knowledge from globally renowned faculty in information technology, computer science, engineering and business along with selective senior executives/experts from the industry. These specialists impart first-hand training in large-scale solutions to business analytics.
  • A Full Stack of Skillset Waiting to be Explored: Students gain hands-on experience in an extensive array of software such as SAS Enterprise Miner, SQL, SAS Visual Analytics, SAS Studio, etc.

Trainees also get to learn the technical skills necessary for deriving results out of the big data, as well as the business acumen. These abilities are taught in a diversity of contexts including Finance, Marketing, health-care & IT.

Possible Profiles to Explore under Business Analytics

With an MS in Business Analytics, aspirants will be eligible for a broad range of careers, including coveted c-suite jobs. That’s because they will be qualified for leadership roles in a variety of business settings. Furthermore, data-driven decision making is increasingly in demand across all types of business. Since an MS in Business Analytics is also a business degree, students won’t be only looking for jobs in data science. They shall also be eligible for data-focused business/management roles and responsibilities. 

With a background in business analytics, they will have a preferred edge in competing for more prevailing jobs in business management.

UBS facilitates today’s youth to share ideas, dare conventions, innovate processes and generate new paradigms in the data analytics and management sector. The college is committed to creating leaders and entrepreneurs through this contemporary and comprehensive business management program. It shall sharpen the flexibility in students to incorporate the new trends in business along with the fundamental management education.


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