How can dual specialization boost your career growth?

Dual specialization in MBA

As times change and the economy modernizes, the business landscape of our country has also experienced a metamorphosis. Newer concepts and ever-changing ideas have paved the way for unique businesses that require qualified individuals to take charge. The need for managers with great business acumen and organizational skills has created a huge market for Postgraduate Diplomas in Management (PGDM) – particularly hybrid courses or dual specialization. These degrees equip you with the necessary skills to expand business operations in a rapidly advancing economy. Dual specialization in MBA can help students develop an in-depth understanding of two different aspects of business, thus helping them gain enviable multi-tasking and networking abilities. Several universities in the subcontinent have begun to offer lucrative hybrid courses in business to students. 

The Universal Business School (UBS) is one of the few PGDM colleges in Mumbai to offer well-rounded and employable PGDM courses to students – UBS is the only B-school in India to offer 5 options of dual degrees from the UK, France, Italy, Bulgaria, USA, and Canada. It is also the 1st AICTE approved college to give a Dual Continent MBA degree. Moreover, the business school is accredited by NBA and AIU. 

Dual specialization in MBA brings with it not just a plethora of career opportunities but also helps students in developing the necessary skills and outlook to take on challenging assignments in the real world. Let’s now analyze all how a dual specialization can boost your career trajectory: 

Table Of Contents

  1. Job Security
  2. Rapid Career Advancement
  3. The Opportunity to Start your own Business
  4. Develop Edgy Ideas
  5. Networking
  6. Easy Career Change
  7. Take Advantage if Changing Market Trends

Job Security

Not only will opting for two specializations boost your existing skill-set but will also provide you with job security. Here’s why- It is hard to find skilled corporate workers in a rapidly modernizing world, especially workers who are well-versed in not just one but two key areas of business. Such employees are an asset for the organization, they work for and are automatically assured of job security. For instance, a finance manager with additional expertise in sales will be assured of job safety because of their ability to lend services to two top areas of business development.

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Rapid Career Advancement

While traditional business degrees are known to boost career prospects, a dual specialization in MBA can take it a notch higher. A hybrid PGDM course will allow you to study and scrutinize not just one but two areas of business, thus opening floodgates of opportunity. Students will be eligible for placements in two fields, in turn increasing the pool of recruiters willing to hire them. A dual PGDM allows students to push themselves to bring out their best. UBS’ blended programs boast of an exceptional placement record- A major chunk of students is placed with top-notch companies every year. Dual specialization in MBA creates a versatile workforce for conglomerates, which means career advancement for these graduates will never be slow.

The Opportunity to Start your Own Business

Dual specialization in MBAcan equip you with the necessary skills to start your own business and be your boss. Knowing different areas of business can help you take charge of key operations and hire the right candidates. There will be lesser room for error and more room for your creative horses to run wild. The modernization of business operations calls for educational qualifications that can keep up with the times. A dual MBA graduate is sure to never fall behind in this regard.

Develop Edgy Ideas

As Barbara Januszkiewicz once said, creative thinking inspires ideas, ideas inspire change. A dual specialization creates space for ideas to thrive. A fresh approach towards education helps foster out-of-the-box ideas that can fuel innovation. India’s start-up ecosystem calls for qualified professionals with unique ideas and risk-taking abilities. The course structure of dual MBA programmes helps accomplish this objective. It creates business minds that are driven by edgy concepts.


College is a space where you can think, learn and question with like-minded individuals. This allows scope for networking and developing soft skills for business transactions. A college that focuses on experiential learning through internships will automatically be a great space for networking. Of all PGDM colleges In Mumbai, UBSis the only B-school that has created a space for networking through its focus on hands-on learning. The business school offers specializations in various domains such as HR, finance, marketing, logistics & Supply chain; which helps you foster a network over multiple domains. UBS also boasts of a qualified faculty consisting of 60+ industry experts, thus allowing greater room for networking, yet again.

Easy career change

A versatile individual is always confident in their ability to excel at a given task. A dual PGDM equips you with a well-rounded business perspective and managerial abilities to take on difficult assignments. A dual specialization helps create seasoned professionals who can make career shifts easily. Recruiters are always on the lookout for workers who do more for the organization than required. If you are skilled in more than one area of business, you can always make career and company changes at your behest.

Take Advantage of Changing Market Trends

It is no hidden fact that shifting market trends can have an adverse impact on jobs and business operations. However, your dual specialization assures immunity against these shifting trends by equipping you with skills in two business sectors. So, if one sector bears the brunt of market change, the other will always offer employment and job security. 

In conclusion, a dual-specialization trumps traditional degrees in all respects. Through its unique approach, a dual degree helps create a workforce that is well-equipped to handle modern-day business operations. It helps foster unique ideas that can fuel the start-up ecosystem of our country. It allows for great networking opportunities for a career change and allows graduates to take advantage of shifting market trends. A dual-specialization will assure students of not just a bright future in multiple fields, but also great job security in a rapidly changing business economy. If one sector goes down, the other will always have its doors open for a candidate with dual specialization. These hybrid courses make graduates so skilled and versatile that recruiters are never tired of hiring them. Knowing different areas of business can allow candidates to become assets for any organization.


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