How will a BBA Programme enable your entrepreneurial journey? Know More!


Starting a business is the current trend these days; everyone wants to start their own business, but how many of them are really successful? Not every brilliant concept takes off; it must be accompanied by a slew of additional prerequisites for launching a successful firm, and a BBA degree can be considered one of them, if not all. To get started with the concept of creating your own firm, you’ll need a good foundation of business knowledge.

A person with a BBA degree will be able to work in any organisation.

BBA is also known as a universal degree because it allows students to choose from a wide range of job opportunities and allows them to integrate into any firm. Having a start-up is one of the most popular trends in the industry. Even the Indian government is enthusiastically supporting this project. There are currently over fifty programmes in place to assist new businesses in the country.
To manage a successful business, one must have a firm grasp of a few basic concepts, such as land, labour, capital, entrepreneurship, or the factors of production. Even to make use of the government’s benefits, you’ll need some business expertise, both practical and theoretical, which a BBA degree can help you acquire. 

Human Resources, Marketing, Financial Management, Economics, Entrepreneurship, and other management subjects help an individual gain overall functions and management of a business, which lays the foundation for any start-up. Apart from this, BBA students are exposed to a lot of practical aspects of businesses, such as industrial visits, entrepreneurship workshops, start-up competitions, and B-Plan competitions, which support and strengthen the knowledge of the individual in the world of business.

Top 5 reasons why you should pursue a BBA degree?

 Reason 1: You can enhance and gain insightful knowledge in academics and business. 

Reason 1: You can improve and gain an insightful understanding of academics and industry. 

Reason 3:  Uncover Your Inner Strengths and skills.

Reason 4: Strengthening Entrepreneurial Capabilities

Reason 5: Developing a Strong Business Acumen

Top Reasons why you should choose Universal Business School:

Universal Business School was founded by a group of management professionals with considerable expertise in leading global firms and a commitment to advancing management education and providing a superior learning experience. UBS recognises the desperate need for a prestigious and remarkable Business School of international renown in the Mumbai vicinity that would service global corporations. UBS draws students and professors from across India and the globe to improve understanding, peace, and development among diverse peoples and nations.

UBS distinguishes itself as a completely self-contained learning institution with the intellectual flexibility to build industry-relevant courses and a cutting-edge teaching methodology. 

UBS offers a globally approved British, American, and European curriculum imbued with global thinking, as well as the opportunity to learn from global CEOs and CXOs. In the Times B-School Survey 2021, UBS, Mumbai, was named a “Top Management Institute.” Begin your adventure with 80% practical learning in a 100% residential programme with excellent placements and join a global alumni network of more than 100 countries. UBS has a wide choice of management programmes to choose from.

 UBS has partnered with leading universities and institutions in the United Kingdom, the United States, France, and Bulgaria. As a result, UBS offers AICTE-approved PGDM and Global MBA programmes at the postgraduate level and British BBA and BBA + MBA programmes from the top British universities at the undergraduate level.

Some of the key features that make Universal Business School stand out from the rest are: 

  1. First, Green Business School is enveloped by lush green. 
  2. 60 Global CEOs have formed the school with their expertise. 
  3. Associated with top foreign universities for globally recognised education. 
  4. Build your network with the Global alumni of 8000 students who are now excelling in their field. 
  5. Immersive experiential learning for better understanding and preparation for the corporate world. 
  6. Gain knowledge in technology and acquire critical skills as well from the industrial experts. 

Gain an unmatchable learning experience with workshops, extracurricular activities and training from the industry experts and highly experienced faculty members. Their global associations will give you an edge over others. You will be learning various aspects of international businesses too.

Equal importance is placed on sports and creative activities, giving the students comprehensive growth opportunities. As the institute is built by 60 CEOs, the placement opportunities are fantastic. You will be able to explore internship and placement opportunities that align with your career goals.


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