Impact Of Global MBA In Today’s Business World

Global MBA

Every year, thousands of students graduate with management degrees and start working the 9 to 5 lifestyle. How does one stand out from this crowd? How can one access well-paid jobs that are not monotonous? The answer is a Global MBA. A step up from the regular MBA course, the Global MBA is more geared towards grooming students to be able to keep up with the fast-paced business management world.

Offered at well-known institutes like UBS, this one-of-a-kind program is slowly but surely catching students’ eyes. To know more about what is a Global MBA and why it should be pursued over other courses, then keep reading below.

What is a Global MBA?

A Global MBA is a postgraduate management program but from an international perspective. It is similar to a regular MBA course in some aspects but differs greatly in the diversity a Global MBA brings about. Students are able to work in global companies and possess the right skills to integrate better into different cultures.

There are few or no criteria for a course to qualify as a Global MBA except in terms of the course curriculum and its delivery.

Admissions are highly selective and some universities do not accept freshers for Global MBA. Eligibility requirements state that applicants should possess some work experience before applying. Entrance test scores are also necessary.

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Why is a Global MBA important?

Everyone is looking for the best job that has room for growth and offers the best salary. The latest course on the radar is a Global MBA. The best global MBA programs offer not just practical learning of the curriculum but also groom students to be the best managers. Some of the other reasons why this course must be considered, by prospective students, are as below.

Networking Options:

One of the best reasons to choose Global MBA programs is because of the networking options. It is a program where both the educators and students are from around the world from varied backgrounds. An average student is exposed to many people and they have a wide network by the time they graduate. This network will prove to be helpful in many different ways in the future. From recruitment at open jobs to vendor and client recommendations to providing help to start up new entrepreneurship. On the other hand, this network is also a great source to gain some valuable information or advice for professional growth.

Career Growth:

Global MBA is one of the more unique courses that offer a more diversified career growth chart. Most students today, detest the idea of being stuck in an office in a traditional 9 to 5 job. They fear that they would retire in such a situation and their life would be lacking excitement and be monotonous. This feeling then prompts them to look for a different job. The Global MBA, on the other hand, is on the opposite spectrum. There are several specializations to choose from and there are also industry choices and employer choices. Professionals would be working in different parts of the world and get a chance to explore all aspects of management.

Well Paid Jobs

Since the jobs, a Global MBA graduate works at are demanding, they are also quite well paid. Students usually look to foreign lands for jobs with a higher pay scale. Moreover, traditionally, it takes time to progress to higher management jobs that have higher salary graphs. Global MBA graduates, on the other hand, usually work in multi-national corporations and also in foreign countries meaning they are well paid. These students, additionally, take a shorter time to move to higher ranks as their resumes stand out from other applicants. These individuals are also trained to work specifically in senior managerial positions making them more desirable to applicants.

Scope of Learning:

Like a regular MBA, a Global MBA also offers many concentration options. The curriculum too has been designed to be more of a case study-based learning. Students learn first-hand how to handle a real-world business problem. Lessons are made to be more industry-oriented which will force students to think analytically. Educators in Global MBA make sure the students get thorough knowledge of the material before they venture out to work. There are also many opportunities to work in offices in internships and get practical training. Lessons are updated to reflect the latest changes in business and management which make the student flexible.

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Global MBA course is provided by some of the best universities in India. Since these courses are not just hard to get into but the curriculums are demanding too, there is a certain amount of repute attached to it. Society, in particular, employers, place Global MBA graduates higher over other students. This means the student is open to more job placements and many opportunities to network and expand their career. The individual too, they experience higher levels of confidence and self-esteem in whatever they do. Recruiters know that global MBA students are well-rounded individuals with the right skills to handle tough situations at work.

Personal Growth:

As mentioned above, students in this program go through intense personality training besides curriculum-based learning. Students get trained by industry experts in essential personality traits like communication. Through the various case studies and the curriculum delivery, students learn how to work in teams, leadership skills, and the ability to make decisions and be confident individuals. They understand how to better approach problems in a critical but also calm manner. One is better able to understand what their strengths and weaknesses are and which department they would fit into. This in turn allows them to fully explore jobs and achieve their dreams.

Web of Alumni:

Global MBA students are spread out across the world, in different countries, industries, and job profiles. During the duration of the management courses, students get a chance to interact deeply with their seniors. There is a sense of dependence on this alumni network, no matter where the individual is and at what stage of their life they are at. Being graduates from the same program, the alumni would also be able to relate to a problem and provide accurate advice. During times of duress when one is looking for better jobs, this network can help. Alternatively if one is starting their own practice, this network would also prove valuable.

A Global MBA degree, today, will help students not just learn management skills but also access to a network of like-minded people. Better jobs, higher pay grades, and a chance to see the world and interact with people from the world are only some of the benefits students experience in this course.


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