Kick-start your success story with Executive Programs at UBS


At the age of 87, Michelangelo said, “ I am still learning”.

One of the best ways to upgrade your knowledge and life skills is to make sure that you are always learning. Executive MBA programs are planned to keep this purpose in mind.

As the world is evolving at lightning speed, professionals are automatically expected to update themselves. To become a valuable employee, one must be upskilled to match the constantly changing industries.

MBA is one of the most prestigious degrees that helps a professional to enhance his career with extra knowledge and skills. Executive MBAs are one step ahead and are specially designed for professionals who want to upgrade themselves along with their jobs.

Universal Business School, one of the most accomplished and well-structured colleges in the country, hosts an array of Executive MBA programs. These programs are well designed with an industry-relevant curriculum. The global programs are structured with the help of international universities for the best of knowledge to the students.

If you are looking for a course that can boost your career, then Executive MBA programs by UBS are the best way to do so. The program prepares you to grab better opportunities and higher designations at your workplace.

The programs are curated for helping professionals make significant transitions in their careers and endless opportunities. Founded by international leaders, Universal Business School aims to nurture future leaders of the corporate world.

UBS today is making a mark in the education industry by introducing a unique learning model and focussing on experiential learning. It is considered one of the top business schools in India.

Following are the Executive Programs delivered flawlessly for your aspirations:

  • Global Blended MBA
  • MBA Degree – Cardiff MET. UK
  • MBA Degree Swiss School OF Management Italy

Each program is a step up in your career and delivers world-class knowledge. The best way to gain an edge over everybody else is to learn about international business. The best part is that you can do these courses and your job and upgrade your profile after completing the programs. It has weekend batches that are delivered all over the city and online for you to gain knowledge with convenience.

Most of their programs are internationally recognised and are aimed to help professionals understand every function of a business in-depth. It promotes better decision-making skills and critical thinking. Every part of the curriculum enhances your corporate skills and adds more to your basket of knowledge.

The programs are built according to the guidelines of the international quality assurance agencies, ensuring quality education. Discover your true potential with these programs and excel at your work.

The quality ensures a ‘strong practical and professional orientation’ for the students, making the programs different from all the other programs. UBS is a brainchild of 60 successful CEOs who aim to make the world of business better and smarter.

UBS Executive MBA programs are designed to give the student an overall development, personal and professional. From communication skills to execution skills, every aspect is touched upon. This helps the students to become better at everything a professional needs to excel in their career and achieve long term results.

Students get the golden opportunity to learn from the top leaders and industry veterans who have decades of experience at leading companies in the country. Global CEO lectures on campus and Symposiums are an added advantage to the students. The direct access to globally recognised leaders from the world of business is a blessing for young and aspiring professionals.

Nurturing self-awareness activities and guidance by experts is available at all times for the students. The faculty members come with years of experience and expertise. Their industrial expertise enables them to deliver practical training on real corporate problems. They also help in enhancing leadership qualities that can help in gaining the promotion you are eyeing on.

As the programs are on the weekend, professionals have an opportunity to apply what they have learnt in their workplace and see for themselves if there is an upgrade or not. Brilliant right? Top colleges came together, both national and international, to put together an advanced MBA degree for professionals who are seeking a globally accredited course on business. Get the best of education and become the unbeatable version of yourself career-wise today!


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