Know your true calling with UBS’ Global Programs


Global PGDM and BBA programs are gaining popularity, wondering why? Let us summarise the advantages of pursuing a global program at Universal Business School.

India is making great strides in the education industry to help the country get young professionals with ample skills. The aim is to broaden horizons and go beyond classrooms in terms of knowledge of the business world.

A significant shift has taken place in the way organisations are recruiting employees. Employers today are looking for professionals to take over various responsibilities right from the start. Universal Business School has taken their PGDM courses a step further.

They offer PGDM + GMP programs and undergraduate BBA programs that are in association with Cardiff MET UK University for the ultimate experience. GMP stands for Global Management Program. It not only helps in giving the student an international perspective on business but also helps in developing exclusive skills.

UBS is associated with various international universities to implement a one of a kind program. The global approach involves tying up with some of the prestigious universities like:

The Swiss School of Management + INSEEC U accredited by IACBE in the United States

Lincoln University, USA has all the American accreditations of the highest level

University of Economics – Varna, Bulgaria has an accreditation by the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency

Northeastern Illinois University is ranked number 1 among all the midwest colleges. The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association has accredited the university.

PGDM and BBA in Foreign Collaboration with Cardiff Met. the UK is recognised by the Privy Council and  Certified by the British Council and the British University. The quality of the programs are monitored by the UK quality agency.

The best of pursuing these programs is that you are always an edge above everybody else. Your knowledge level is much higher as you will be trained by the international university as well to gain a detailed understanding of global business. This helps the students to become a valuable professional in the future. This kind of understanding and knowledge is an asset that both the student and the organisation can leverage for successful industry growth.

Growing industrialisation has urged the students to look for opportunities that will help them understand national as well as international markets. The interconnectedness of businesses today demands a global approach in professional courses. UBS understood this need right from the beginning and started hosting globally acclaimed courses.

Today, as the competition rises many will offer a number of courses that have global education too but how many can live up to that promise? Understanding why UBS is one of the best is very important.

The PGDM+GMP programs and the BBA programs are usually curated to give assured quality education to the students. Here the foreign universities help in bringing international standards in the education and make the program better than the rest of the colleges.

The dual continent global management programs give the students the golden opportunity to explore diverse cultures and countries and their methods of education. This helps the students to gain confidence and have a better understanding of their future goals.

The curriculum is industry-relevant and has the potential to give students an exceptional and knowledgeable experience. The faculty members are experts on the matter and have years of experience, promising the practice of the best of methods in teaching.

Creating leaders is not an easy job to do but UBS has been successfully implementing changes and practices that nurture global leaders and brings out the best in the students.

Many accreditations and certificates prove the quality of education UBS is offering to its students. Global programs are a great way to help students understand their true calibre. Business Schools are not always delivering the right kind of education that the students today need to make a mark in the industry.

With Universal Business School, stay assured that everything will be taken care of with the best of resources from education to placement. From foreign associations and programs to 100% placements, each feature of the college is like a catalyst in your process of achieving your career goals.

UBS aims to prepare the students for managerial posts from the start of their careers to take them a step ahead. This is only possible with dedication and availability of the best of facilities and UBS promises both. Dual continent programs enrich the students to flourish in their careers in the best way possible and enable them to use their maximum potential.


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