Life at UBS


My experience at UBS till now, is as follows-The journey to the college was a painstaking one, I was tensed about how I will live away from my family, friends. There was a mixed feeling of excitement to go to a new place and the anxiety to have a new beginning. After arriving at UBS, I found that the campus is very scenic and has pleasant weather, I got my admission formalities completed and I took time to explore the beautiful campus. The first day was full of nervousness and excitement; I saw so many new faces. On the first day itself I got to know the demanding curriculum of the college and I wondered if I will be able to keep up with it, we were presented with a case study and were asked to present the case analysis within the next 24 hours. The sudden increase in my daily workload was daunting at first but slowly I got used to it. I had to adjust to a new routine and it took some time and I slowly started to get into the rhythm of it. Apart from academics we were asked to be a part of any club and had to apply for the same. I auditioned for the arts and culture club and got selected for the same, from thereon it gave me the opportunity to interact and meet with new people and make new friends. I started to participate in cultural events and it helped me to divert my mind from home sickness and the pressure of academics. As the classes started to be taken in full flow, I had to adjust my schedule according to them which gave me an idea of how to manage my time. During this time, I got accustomed to live in a hostel, the food in the mess and how to manage my expenses. I started to find interest in my academics as the method of teaching is very practical and involves the use of critical thinking applied to problems of real life. The faculty is very knowledgeable, supportive and approachable which makes the whole academic experience very comfortable. Time started to pass in an unnoticed manner, like every day had something new to look forward to. Time flew so quickly and we had to prepare for our first midterm examinations which gave me an idea about the level of difficulty and how I have to prepare myself for the end term examinations.

Overall, these first two months at UBS were like a roller-coaster of emotions, I faced a lot of my fears and learnt a lot. The learning here as started turning into a pleasant one for me and I eagerly look forward to my professional and social life at UBS. 

Yashaswini Nair


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