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I am a PGDM student at Universal Business School (UBS), Karjat. Near Karjat station, the UBS campus is surrounded by waterfalls. It is a beautifully constructed premises that include all the amenities like Amphitheatre, a gym, a basketball court, a football field, and pool tables. It is the only business school where students from 27 states unite in one location to study and celebrate all the festivals together. 

In addition to this, the college offers an innovative approach to experiential learning in which students learn real-world skills from professors with extensive corporate experience, helping them to be well-prepared for life in the real corporate world.

During my ride from the train station to UBS, I realized that my life’s path would be highly eventful but also wonderful. I moved to the hostel after arriving and finishing the registration process. The hostel is surrounded by nature and has all the amenities inside, such as Wi-Fi, air conditioning, furnishings, etc. The next morning, I was inspired to start my day by the beauty outside the window. This was the initial stage of induction week and we got an opportunity to meet CEO’s and CXO’s. No other B-school can provide this chance within the first week. A fantastic DJ party marked the conclusion of induction week.

On campus, everything is available. Students have access to a wide range of amenities, including a library, a fitness centre, laundry services, 24-hour Wi-Fi, room cleaning services, kitchenettes, and—most importantly—a welcoming environment. The professors are like family to you; they are there to mentor you like a father and provide for you as a mother. 

There are 18 clubs at our institution, available for students to join that will help them expand their knowledge, learn something new, stay current on societal trends, and develop a variety of skills that will be useful in the workplace. I joined the Placement Club in order to expand my network and gain more insight into the hiring process.

One of my best life choices was to join UBS. CEOs are created here, after all. Your life will be totally transformed  by it, and my own has already begun, as I can see it every second!

As our Chairman goes on to say, “Work Hard and Party Harder.” This is going to be my life’s mantra for the next two years at UBS and beyond.

Ishita Golchha



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