While everyone is heading back to the studious routine I am full of memories. I just celebrated my birthday in UBS. It was so mesmerising and blissful. It was 2nd September 2014 when I reached UBS for my undergraduate studies. This collage has groomed me a lot. The best part is just 170 people in 40 acres of campus so opportunities are many and grabbing them is not much of a difficulty. The result is be it public speaking, interacting with teachers, performing our arts, everyone does get a chance to come ahead and rock the floor.

dustrial visit to Volkswagen, Pune, India

Studding in the lap of nature is another blessing. The quite environment over here makes concentrate in a better way. I am slowly falling in love with this place. When it rains, there are waterfalls in our sight. This is the place where I first saw fireflies ever in my life. Being a town girl where I had everything at my beck and call while coming to collage I couldn’t imagine there could be a management school inside a jungle but the experience of studding between mountains, enjoying beautiful view of stars with getting proper corporate exposure, meeting professionals and enjoying collage life as well is awesome.


We are beyond lucky to get proper accommodation at this place. It never feels like we are living in a hostel. Everything well set according to our comforts in our duplexes. Each student gets a single room with attached bathroom and access to a communal kitchen on each floor. The campus itself is so good that we hardly be in our rooms.There are a lot of reasons to fall in love with this place, and one of those is the diversity we see here amongst students. Students here are from different parts of the country so we get to learn different cultures, languages and customs. I am happy that circumstances made me reach this place. I have amazing opportunities coming my way not only to live and study but to meet people from different parts of world. Learning is continues process so getting used to such diversification in people will always be a challenge to face but that’s what this place teaches me the most. Living at such a vibrant place full of young people is something that I don’t think I will get over after my graduation. This will indeed be one blissful and unforgettable experience.
– Jaya Lalwani


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