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Universal Business School, so as the name so it is. A b-school located in between beautiful mountains of Karjat, Maharashtra. It is a b- school having the collaboration with foreign universities like Cardiff Metropolitan University (UK), University of Economics, Varna and many more. A b-school following global curriculum. A b-school where students come from around 28 states of India. 

My journey from this B-school started from 7th July ,2022. When I entered, I saw greenery with water falling from beautiful mountains. I always wanted to be in between nature, studying in between nature. I interacted with my fellow mates, Program director. I was feeling that I am back in peach of hustling for great career. My dreams which are backed by parents dreams are on the way to achieve it. 

The first week was gone interacting with new people from all over the country. The next week came with the dynamic series of CXOs coming in campus giving great career guidance and many insights from corporate world. The week ended with great induction where I showed case my talent of singing and all appreciated a a lot

The best thing about UBS is that it has a very different way of imbedding knowledge within students as they have 80% experiential learning model i e you will learn by doing it and I felt this thing many times during classes also, where we were given case studies, told to work in groups which helps in learning how to be, when you are in team, these things mould me a lot as a leader.

UBS provides you ample of opportunities to showcase yourself and make you believe in yourself. I felt very fortunate when I was made Class Representative (CR) of my class. After becoming CR, I never felt that I am a student it was always felt that I am working in a corporate and managing lot of things.

There are 18 clubs in UBS which have different flavour in themselves which again puts cheery of opportunity on cake of my character. The faculties here, always encourage me, motivates me, and the best thing appreciates me which pushes me to do best. My friends don’t make me realize that I am away from my home.

I can see myself transforming every day, being better version of myself and that is the best feeling I can have.

Harshvardhan Soni


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