My Experience In UBS


 It’s been two months since I joined the Universal business school. I would like to start with the warm welcome that we had. At UBS there was a boot camp arranged for 100 students and I was lucky enough to be a part of it. In this, we got a glimpse of how our two years are going to be. It was a great thing to start with. As in UBS, there is a great diversity of people here from different backgrounds so, in boot camp, we got a chance to brush up our knowledge on basic excel, accounting, and economics, self-management, and the best part was the classes used to end with a fun activity like mind games, singing DJ night. The skills that we learned in boot camp are helping me right now in different aspects and in the end, we also received a certificate for successful completion.

Now after two weeks of boot camp we had an induction week where we had an opportunity to interact and had a session with the CEO, and CXO of a different company. We had a great time learning from their experiences and getting inspired by them.

Finally, when the regular classes started, I realized how unpredictable life could be at UBS. In the first week, we were told that UBS just not only focuses on study but also on co-curricular activity as well and that UBS has different clubs and the best thing is every student has to be a part of any club. And I am very happy to be a part of the matchbox club also known as the marketing club of UBS. We as a matchbox club have recently organized an event on Janmashtami and I as a member was an anchor of that event. This boosted my confidence to another level. At UBS all these events take place after class hours. This is the best thing, I like it that there is no compromise on studies.

If I talk about the classes I agree it is hectic but it’s fun the lectures are very interactive. We are always divided into teams and given cases to solve as I am a fresher, so this is the best opportunity for me to learn about experiential learning and key skills of collaboration and teamwork which will help me in corporate life later on. We are always given tasks to make ppt and present it which will help us in our corporate field.

Talking about some unique things about UBS, in UBS we have an in-house counsellor who is available for us and we can share our problems or any suggestion that is needed. We always have someone on our side. Next, every week we have a mentor-mentee session in which we are with our mentor and we have a discussion about different topics and share our problems and get many suggestions from them. And talking about we have a session on management of self where the focus is on personality development and the development of communication skills. This is to prepare us for corporate from the very beginning itself.

In the end, I am very happy to be a part of this UBS family. looking for great success ahead

Khush Malpani


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