India’s first Green B School, Endorsed by 60 CEOs, Foreign Collaborations with B schools, not just a few taglines but the fact. Here, we learn a little more, we explore a little more, we grow a little more. It has been a little more than a month now and I get this realization almost every day that I am really fortunate enough to be a part of UBS.

              I had never seen nature with such proximity ever. The campus is guarded with beautiful mountains and waterfalls from three sides. On arrival, my first Interaction at campus, was with our Program Director, Prof. Nilanka Chatterjee. We discussed about the dreams and visions that I had for my life. I was mind blown by the amount of encouragement our Prof. gave me.

             I then went ahead with exploration of our campus. What a magnificent example of diversity UBS is, it literally is mini-India, with students from every state. We then proceeded with CXO series. An initiative by UBS to bring great leaders of corporate world to interact and guide students. What an insightful step of UBS to give us a glimpse of the real world out there.

           Here, at UBS, the curriculum that we follow is based on 80% of experiential learning and just 20% of theory. The Institute provides us with more of a practical knowledge because ultimately, we need to step into ruthless and highly competitive world and our highly experienced faculties here are working hard to give us the glimpse of corporate world at this early stage.    

           Every single day we are motivated to bring our true selves out in form of either club activities or class collaboration activities such as case studies, here we everyday have chance to portray our talent like I got the opportunity to show my poetry writing skills in batch competition, cooking skill in Club driven Janmashtami celebration and was appreciated for the same. Here, Faculties and wellbeing team, also pays attention towards our mental wellbeing, and again, with proud I am glad that I am a part of morning meditation group. Here, we are taught to be the best overall. UBS is very well motivated to not just make careers but to transform our lives. 


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