I came with my own vision. I came with my own dreams, but now, both my vision and dreams are aligned with UBS’s Vision. UBS transforms lives and I have started experiencing that transformation within myself. It hasn’t been much of a time, but still it feels like I have already learnt a lot, and this is because UBS provides us with such platform where we are free to explore ourselves, our talents, our skills.

Our classrooms are not just for theories, they are for skill development. Almost every day we work on different case studies, almost every day we overcome our weaknesses, almost every day, we grow into a new and better human.

I am fortunate enough that I got the opportunity to turn my hobby into passion by being a part of football team, learnt sportsman spirit by participating in Badminton Competition, hustled my way up by participating in Marathon. Learnt the true meaning of collaboration and team work by giving my inputs and portraying my singing talent in batch competition and gladly, being a part of UIC skill pit and helping other students with their studies.

Here, at UBS, we aren’t taught to fight with each other but are taught to fight together with the upcoming highly competitive world.

 Braj Mohan Jha, (PGDMBDI3)

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