Nurturing Global Leaders with PGDM + Global Management Programs: Here’s How!


India is taking important steps towards development, which means greater advancements and awareness are expected in the professionals. There is a significant shift in the way employers are choosing the right candidate across industries. The need of the hour is not just a professional but also a professional who can execute newer things in business.

A professional needs to have an awareness of the global situation in the world of business. This helps the professional deliver performance par excellence and makes them highly qualified for more prominent companies in the industry.

The most important skill that one gets after pursuing a professional course with a global approach is an understanding of the global business. This understanding is an asset to a company. It helps in smoother transitions to new techniques and seamless adaptation of advancements in the industry.

Today the business world is interconnected, and knowing the business sense of different countries will only enhance the business for the better. How will you gain an international perspective on business? Get yourself enrolled for an international degree at Universal Business School.

The country today hosts a lot of courses with a global curriculum but choosing the right one is essential. Many will promise a bright future but which college will go out of their way to help you unveil your potential should be your concern while you research!

Welcome to the World of Better Opportunities – Universal Business School!

The Swiss School of Management + INSEEC U

As industrialization is taking place rapidly, Universal Business School is allowing aspiring students to explore the world of business internationally. Their global approach to giving better education with foreign universities like the Swiss School Of Management and INSEEC, accredited by  IACBE in the United States, gives them an edge over other business schools.

INSEEC U provides quality higher education to over 25000 students. From Bachelor to MBA, each program is crafted to mould each student into a successful professional. Among the many, INSEEC is one of the uncontested institutes for higher education in France.

The Swiss School Of Management is an accredited institute of higher education that offers a global outreach program. Only students with excellent calibre can be admitted here, and their quality of education is one of the finest in the world. They aim to create LEADERS!

The Swiss School of Management has now collaborated with Universal Business School, bringing an exceptional educational opportunity. A very well-planned Dual Continent Global Management Program promises a globally acclaimed and successful career to the student who has the qualifications to become a part of this. This can be pursued along with an AICTE approved post-graduate diploma in management.

The interactive community of the Swiss School of Management and INSEEC U. that involves highly qualified faculty members and Indian Students work together to bring out the student’s true potential. The curriculum entails industry-relevant topics and knowledge-based activities to give an enriching experience. The students get an opportunity to study and work in Paris for a year, where they also offered a paid internship for six months.

Lincoln University, USA

The United States of America is a hub of career opportunities, and their business sense is popular worldwide. As global management programs witness a steep rise in its demand, Universal Business School has decided to collaborate with some of the best foreign universities to offer the best education about business from a global perspective.

Lincoln University in California is known for its world-class curriculum that constantly updates, keeping it relevant to the industry. It is one of the most prestigious colleges to be associated with. The college offers placements in some of the most prominent players in the industry. It has all the American accreditations of the highest level, ensuring quality programs for a bright future.

A well-established faculty and exceptional facilities enhance the student’s skills and prepare them to deliver the best. They aim to teach the students about critical thinking, the presentation of ideas, and much more to help them keep up with the ever-evolving industry. Their practical course curriculum is a golden chance to make your mark in the vast world of business.

University of Economics – Varna, Bulgaria

If you are looking for a Global Management Program that involves understanding world economics and international business, look no further. Universal Business School has collaborated with the University of Economics in Bulgaria to bring a dual continent program that aims to give you the best education.

The University of Economics in Bulgaria has trained over one lakh twenty thousand students, and it has been doing so since the year 1920. They have successfully helped students coming from varied countries build a career that gives them the best.

They are associated with more than a hundred higher education institutions from Europe and Asia. In association with Universal Business School, this program aims to combine both the universities’ strengths and create an effective program to enhance a student’s career. This curriculum gives a chance to understand Europe and Asia’s business models and an understanding of the differences between the small, big, and emerging economies. The university has an accreditation by the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency.  

A unique combination of traditional and modern approaches to education, making it the most high-yielding course. Experience the cultural exchange and know the foreign land better with the module-based teaching techniques.

Northeastern Illinois University

A dual continent GMP program crafted by the Universal Business School and Northeastern Illinois University makes for an excellent course. Northeastern Illinois University is ranked number 1 among all the midwest colleges. The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association has accredited the university.

The course is well-planned and touches every aspect of the topic. The faculty members are acclaimed by Northeastern Illinois University, ensuring international standards in the curriculum. The aim is to empower students with a global perspective on business analytics.

A GMP certification with international accreditation is given to the students after completion of the course. The course focuses on providing the students with a successful global career through knowledge and constant training. The students are offered a paid internship and have a curriculum that is internationally recognised. This not only gives them an edge over others but also a golden chance to add value to their career!

PGDM (Foreign Collaboration with Cardiff Met. UK)

A global management program that transforms lives in the most comprehensive ways. It prepares the student for a more global business scenario. From better decision-making skills to global standards approved by the British University’s Cardiff MET. In The UK, this program is a one-stop solution for aspiring professionals. The university is recognised by the Privy Council.

The international exposure of two weeks in the United Kingdom helps students understand a more global perspective about business and its various aspects. Certified by the British Council and the British University, this global accreditation helps in bringing a whole new level in your management studies.

At UBS, unleash your true potential!

Universal Business School is a platform where the future leaders of the business world are trained and prepared. The journey towards perfecting is nurtured and encouraged with world-class facilities and education.

The aim is to bring the students closer to the companies’ managerial levels right from the beginning. Its unique programs and foreign collaborations enable students to make an impression globally!

After completing the dual continent programs, the students are enriched with vast knowledge and refined ability to take up the real responsibilities of the companies’ managerial positions.

Unveil the leader in you with Universal Business School today!


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