Step-By-Step Guide to Making a Career in Business Design and Innovation

Career in Business Design and Innovation

Gone are the days when students chose mainstream subjects. While subjects in school remain divided between Science, Commerce, and Arts stream, one can dive into the ocean of opportunities to pursue a graduation course. If you are interested in subjects from different streams, it is no more a problem to opt for a course that includes both. 

The business industry is ever-evolving and demands a dynamic approach. Therefore, new courses are continuously introduced for students to create professionals in newly discovered areas of the industry. One of them is Business Design. 
This interesting course is a way to remain competitive in the business industry and bring innovative ideas to it. Here’s all you need to know about business design and a step-by-step guide to making a career in it.

What Is Business Design?

Business design is a discipline that has emerged from the intersection of business and design field. It also helps companies come up with innovative solutions keeping the customer as the focus. 

While business management helps a company function smoothly, business design helps come up with design solutions according to the needs of the client company. When it comes to mainstream designing, there were many problems designers faced with businesses. This generated the requirement for business-minded people who could come up with designs according to the business. Hence, the business design was created. 

Business Design has become an important part of the world of business. If a company is looking to incorporate new business strategies, a business design professional can provide them with new innovative business strategies and design as per their structure.

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What Are The Benefits Of Business Design?

If you are thinking of pure designing, it has become history now. Times have changed and how. A combination of business and design has taken the lead role in the business industry and is now becoming a great career opportunity. If you are thinking what are the areas of business design, well, it is for all. Here are some benefits of business design:

  • Customer Focused

The biggest advantage of business design is that it focuses on the customer, i.e. the end user. Be it managing a project or designing and developing a new technology, considering the end user is the key to boost a business. Many companies would want to give their employees perks and benefits, but thinking from an operations standpoint or a financial aspect may not bring the best solution. Thinking from an employee’s viewpoint and how things will affect them as users helps come up with the best solutions.

  • Can Be Combined With All Departments

Business design is collaborative with all areas of a business. This means that business design can be combined with different departments and their perspectives to develop new ideas and come up with effective solutions. For example- if the sales department is struggling with customer retention, a business design professional can help them to look outside of the sales strategies to come up with new ideas and techniques to improve the sales. 

  • Deals With Challenges Innovatively

All businesses face some kind of challenge. These challenges may be big or small. Changing to deal with these challenges can prove to be stressful. Business design can come up with sustainable solutions which can be a huge support for the business.

If the business is using traditional methods, business design can seem chaotic. However, once adopted, it can be very beneficial for a business.

  • Better Testing

Step-By-Step Guide To Making A Career In Business Design

Business design is rapidly growing as a popular career option. This unique discipline has made its place at the forefront in the world of business. If you want to make a career in business design, pursuing a course in it is the first step. You can go for a course in business design and innovation. Now, if you are thinking “what is business design and innovation”, “how do I get into business design”, and where can it be pursued, UBS is the answer.

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The Universal Business School follows the international education system where the professors guide you at every step. They encourage you to learn more and perform better by clearing your doubts on time and bringing innovative learning methods. 

The students undergo an internship of 8-10 weeks after completing their 1st year of the business design and innovation course. This is mandatory so that the students get a hands-on experience of the corporate world.

Admission Process

  1. Fill the Online Application Form
  2. A fee of Rs.1500/- is charged to process the application form
  3. Attach required documents or email them to
  4. 1st Round Personal Interview (Internal focused)
  5. 2nd Round Personal Interview (External focused)
  6. Once selected, the candidate gets a Provisional Offer Letter (Unconditional or Conditional)

Once conditions are met, the admission is confirmed

Required Documents

Here are the documents required for the admission process:

  • Academic Mark Sheets (10th,12th, Graduation).
  • CAT/GMAT/C-MAT/CET Scorecard.
  • Graduation Degree Certificate / Provisional Degree Certificate / Letter from the Principal confirming your percentage achieved, class, and confirming you have duly passed.

Eligibility Criteria 

Admission CriteriaWeightageEligibility
ParticularsAICTE PGDMAICTE PGDM + GMPAICTE Approved Programs
Academics (10th,12th & Graduation)20%25%60%
Entrance Exam CAT,GMAT,C-MAT,CET20%20%70 Percentile
Extra-Curricular Activities20%15%Active participation in School / College events
Communication Skills20%20%Above 60% in 12th / English
Work Experience / Leadership20%20%Experienced leadership opportunities at school or college level
Statement of Purpose & Letter of Reference (2)Not ApplicableApplicableApplicable
Total100%100%Not Applicable


Business design is a popularly growing field of work. It is a recently added discipline to the world of business, but it has successfully taken up a leading role in the same. 

There are many benefits of making a career in business design like creating innovative solutions for the client company, making strategies keeping the customer in mind, and more. 

If you want to make a career in business design, you must possess a degree in business design and innovation. One of the best business schools is the Universal Business School. Enroll in the course, experience the best faculty, and ace the world of business with this popularly emerging discipline!


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