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A Bachelor of Business Administration, or BBA, is one of the most well-known and sought-after undergraduate programmes in India for students aspiring to managerial positions. Following the mob, on the other hand, is rarely the best approach. Let’s look at why BBA is the best option for you once you finish your 12th grade exams.

Let us now explore some important benefits of a BBA programme by Universal Business School below:

A BBA degree gives candidates an excellent head start in developing managerial skills. The course covers the fundamentals of management, such as marketing, sales, and strategy management, as well as crucial subjects like finance and economics.

More time for management education – A three-year BBA programme allows you to master the principles of management in more depth. The courses you take following graduation are usually only two years long, with the first year devoted to management fundamentals. As a result, a BBA degree sharpens your managerial talents significantly.

Prepares for Management Positions – Being a manager, especially at such a young age, might be difficult, but your BBA degree course has adequately prepared you. The training is meant to help you develop your leadership abilities and understand situations through the eyes of a manager.

Assists in the completion of an MBA – The bulk of MBA students come from various educational backgrounds, whereas BBA students all come from the same educational background. They tend to do better than the rest since their basics are excellent, and they have an edge throughout the course.

Early Career Start — As soon as you graduate with a BBA degree, you can look for a job and begin working. BBA grads are substantially more likely than other bachelor’s degree holders to get work. They also receive better remuneration packages.

A BBA degree will enable you to create a stronger network of professionals. The most significant benefit of this degree is that it allows you to begin your job much sooner.

Enhanced Employment Prospects – BBA graduates are well-suited to a variety of entry-level management positions. An MBA would be overqualified for such a post. As a result, firms favour BBAs, and they find work considerably faster.

Why Choose MBA programme by UBS?

The program’s goal is to provide a high-quality, career-relevant undergraduate degree. UBS promotes in students a critical appreciation of the role managers plays in the modern business world, surpassing even the finest BBA schools in India.

Universal Business School has a Global Academic Partnership with Cardiff Met. University in the United Kingdom (the school’s rich history dates back to 1865 in Wales, UK), which ensures high academic quality standards.

Even the best BBA institution in Mumbai will be unable to match the value proposition of our college, namely, our BBA course in association with CARDIFF MET., UK.

The graduates will have the relevant skills to apply a multi-disciplinary approach to a variety of business, information technology, and management problems.

The student will have topic-specific knowledge and understanding, cognitive skills, practical and professional skills, and transferable skills after completing the course covered by the subject experts with international standards.

This is accomplished by adhering to UK Quality Assurance Agency criteria in providing students with a “strong practical and professional emphasis,” which sets it apart from other Indian BBA programmes and puts it ahead of even the best BBA colleges in Mumbai.

The goal is to create an atmosphere in which students can reach their full potential as socially responsible future leaders with a global perspective.

The program’s main purpose is to provide creative and interesting courses that are academically rigorous and relevant to the global business environment in collaboration with international partnerships and networks.

Three Key Goals Of the BBA Programme by UBS are:

  •  Providing a life-enriching experience that is intellectually, socially, and personally transforming through an integrated approach to academics, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities.
  • Enhancing learners with chances to improve their employability and life skills through an integrated industry connection. 
  • Fostering a worldview that values a varied and inclusive society while also being concerned about environmental issues, community service, and lifelong learning.


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