The Admission Process for a PGDM – Dual Specialisation Program

Admission Process for a PGDM

Lately, the management degree came to be known as one of the popular choices of Indian students. The increasing job opportunities, skills, and a good payroll structure are considered to be some of the reasons behind this. 

However, management courses are a good medium that emphasizes various professional qualities like innovation and leadership. The overall goal of management training is to increase the productivity of all employees by motivating and educating managers. 

Usually, maximum students take up MBA courses upon completing their graduation programs, but some of them opt for the PGDM- Dual Specialization Program. The PGDM is, however, a common choice for students in today’s world. There are different MBA colleges in Mumbai which also include this diploma course in their curriculum. 

In this blog, we will get to know the significance of the PGDM- Dual Specialization Program and information regarding its admission process and other specific criteria. 

PGDM- Dual Specialisation Program

The Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) dual specialization is mostly a two-year diploma course that inculcates the application, acquisition, and assimilation of knowledge. This course is specifically designed in a manner that allows students to choose between two areas of specialization, this further helps them to choose between two tracks of career opportunities. 

By enrolling your name for this program you will be able to enhance your knowledge and skills. And, with two different specializations within the same academic tenure, you will be able to successfully secure a stable and a well- paying job. 

The most popular combinations of PGDM dual specialization programs are discussed below: 

  • Marketing and Finance- This specialization covers subjects linked with marketing research and analytics, B2B marketing, Indirect taxation, digital marketing management, risk management, technology, and operational strategy, etc 
  • Cybersecurity and Logistics- This course involves topics such as cyber security topics, privacy in cyber security, corporate finance, analytics for business, marketing, strategy, global cyber security, etc.
  • Accounting and Taxation- This area of specialization covers the study of the tax system, financial reporting, auditing, business strategy, business communication, and related topics. 
  •  Business Analytics and IT Management- The branch of Business Analytics includes exploration and analysis of data to have insight for planning and execution of future business strategies and goals. And, a lot of information generated through business analytics in a corporate setup can be processed by the IT specialists, and more so, they hold the proficiency to filter, refine, group, and present the exact piece of information needed for actionable insight.
  • Marketing and Human Resources Management- This course focuses on integrating the principles of marketing management, alongside making students accomplished in people management. To some extent, this course offers flexibility while deciding on careers, and it further paves a way for better and bigger opportunities in the future. 

Upon completion of this diploma management course, you will be able to secure a job in numerous organizations. Some of the sectors include the IT sectors, Banking sectors, Marketing companies, Multinational companies, Factories, Expert Houses, Non-profit organizations, etc. 
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Admission Procedure for PGDM Students

As we know, the PGDM-dual specialization is a 2-year course and is divided into six trimesters. If you are interested in taking up a PGDM-dual specialization degree program, then you must keep in mind the following process:

  • All the applicants must appear for any one of the entrance or aptitude tests, that are conducted on a national level. Some of the most popular entrance exams are: 

> CAT (Common Admission Test)

> MAT (Management Aptitude Test)

> XAT (Xavier Aptitude Test)

> GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) 

> CMAT (Common Management Admission Test) 

> ATMA (AIMS Test for Management Admissions) 

  • The candidates have to appear for the college-level entrance examinations, as some of the colleges/universities follow a different process.
  • Upon calculating the scores of appeared tests, a list of the shortlisted candidates is released by the university/college/institute.
  • After that, students are required to appear for a personal interview as well as a group discussion round. 
  • The final selection of candidates is done after the successful conduction of group discussions and personal interview rounds. 

The above-mentioned procedure is a common one and is followed by most Indian universities/institutes. But, there are a few private institutes that follow certain selection criteria, and admission procedures, different from the usual ones. 
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Working as a manager can be a challenging and exciting one, at the same time it can be lucrative as one works their way up. And, in such a context the maximum management courses allow one to pursue their interest. 

The diploma courses prepare the students for real-life work experiences by arranging workshops, seminars, etc. to come up with successful managers for the future. And, the PGDM- Dual Specialization can be a good choice, if you are willing to continue with further studies along with your good-paying job. And, the applicants have to go through a long admission procedure in maximum universities.