The Benefits of Graduating from an NBA Accredited College

NBA Accredited College

Settling only for the best is a great practice for having success in whatever step we take. Education is one giant step with all the power and rights to tune an individual’s life. Education is one of the most potent tools to provide a secure career, a luxurious lifestyle, and an environment enriched with comfort. So, it is very essential to make the right choice when it comes to education.

The right choice of education includes opting for the right course that matches your interest and choosing the best college that extends a unique curriculum with hands-on training in the field of education for the best future career. Almost all the courses available are best in their own way, but only a few colleges have stayed at the top from the point of their establishment to till date. One such best college is Universal Business School, Karjat Mumbai. We are one of the renowned NBA Accredited colleges.

If MBA is your dream course and you aspire to pursue it in a prestigious institution like us, Universal Business School, then we welcome you, the future business tycoons. Here we are to provide a clear idea about an MBA and the benefits of graduating from an NBA Accredited college like ours.

What is NBA Accreditation?

NBA stands for National Board of Accreditation. It is an autonomous body responsible for the accreditation of higher education courses. Accreditation is the process of quality assessment and improvement according to the standard norms and regulations provided by the body. NBA accredits technical courses such as engineering programs and management programs. The main highlight of NBA is that it accredits the course, not the institute, which means the assessment is made for the course, not the college.

The educational fields that come under the accreditation of the NBA are as follows:

  • Engineering & technology
  • Pharmacy
  • Management
  • Architecture
  • Hospitality & tourism management
  • Computer applications
  • Applied arts & crafts

NAAC and NBA Accreditation:

The value of anything is always estimated based on the brand or trademark. Two such trademarks for the education sector are NAAC and NBA. While NBA accredits the course based on the curriculum, NAAC accredits the colleges based on their facilities. 

NAAC stands for National Accreditation and Assessment Council, an autonomous body funded by the University Grants Commission. This council is involved in assessing and analyzing the higher educational institutions based on the set of norms and regulations prescribed by the body. 

An educational institution like ours, Universal Business School, with NAAC and NBA accreditation, is always the safest and the best platform for students to sculpt their future careers skillfully.

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Benefits of graduating from an NBA accredited college:

  • High-quality education:

 NBA is a measure of knowledge about the quality of education that is provided in any educational course. For a course at any institution to earn NBA accreditation, the course’s curriculum has to meet the criteria provided by the NBA. The requirements of NBA are of global level, thus making the course internationally worthy. 

  • Standard curriculum:

Any course with NBA accreditation will have a standard formatted curriculum that takes the students through a smooth learning path. The standard curriculum map prescribed by NBA flows from the basics to the advanced level, thus training students from scratch to top-notch in their fields. Students graduating from any NBA accredited college will have proper knowledge of their fields. 

  • Better quality and infrastructure:

Any course requires proper infrastructural facilities to provide practical training for the students. So, NBA accreditation also checks for the availability of all necessary infrastructure for excellent student training. Therefore, NBA accredited colleges, like Universal Business School, will enable the students to turn into trained professionals.

  • Continuous improvement:

The NBA member panel constantly researches and analyzes to upgrade the quality of education the students avail. As a result, there is a continuous improvement in the course module, and the course quality gets upscaled over the years without getting degraded. Thus a student pursuing an NBA accredited course in a college will always have enhanced knowledge in their field.

  • Improved student performance:

The student’s performance tends to improve simultaneously as the course quality and the college increase. As the students exhibit improved performance, the chance of a bright career also increases. 

  • Funded educational programs:

The most crucial part of education is the availability of sustained funds for learning and research purposes. NBA accredited colleges have easy access to multiple educational funds at local and international levels. 

  • Qualified employment opportunities:

As the standard of education reaches the top with NBA accredited colleges, the market for exuberant placement offers becomes wide open. The hiring companies are confident in engaging students from NBA Accredited colleges. Universal Business School, one of the best MBA colleges in India, possesses NBA-accredited MBA courses and provides remarkable placement opportunities for our students.
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About us, Universal Business School:

Universal Business School is one of the best business schools in Mumbai, providing excellent management courses for students. We are India’s First Green Business School with almost 60+ endorsed CEOs. We provide many management courses and have world-class qualified faculties in the management stream. In addition, we have international business leaders to offer our students insights into the business world and management. 

The curriculum of our management courses is infused with British, American, and European knowledge to enrich our students with global strategies in management. We have tie-ups with almost 20 international universities to provide our students with educational programs abroad.

The student who aspires to emerge as one of the renowned business leaders has the duty to choose the proper education at the right institution. NBA being the best accreditation for MBA, points out the best colleges for the students. Universal Business School at Karjat, Mumbai, the best MBA college, has got its NBA accreditation by matching the standards of the global platform. It is a suitable choice for the students to trust us and step towards a bright future.

We at UBS are always there to guide you toward success and fame in your profession. Trust us and grow together.


  1. Is UBS college NBA accredited?

Yes, Universal Business School is NBA accredited with top-class educational facilities.

  1. Does UBS provide PGDM courses?

Yes, Universal Business School provides PGDM courses.

  1. What about the international tie-ups of UBS?

UBS has international tie-ups with almost 20 universities across the UK, France, Germany, Denmark, Bulgaria, Argentina, Greece, Portugal, Ukraine, Russia, South Africa, and so on. The students get the chance to study in international universities through student exchange programs.

  1. What will be the pay scale after an MBA degree?

The pay scale of an MBA graduate ranges between 7 to 12 lacs approximately.
Whom to contact in case of any doubts at UBS?
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