The Benefits of Pursuing a PGDM Program in Business Design Innovation

PGDM in Business Design Innovation

PGDM is one of the popular management programs and students from different backgrounds such as engineering, arts, economics, and commerce opt for this course. Not only the students but job holders of prominent companies also enroll in this program as it benefits them in rising the corporate ladder. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of the PGDM program in Business design innovation.

About PGDM course

A postgraduate diploma in management is a diploma course of 2 years course duration offered by various b Schools. This program is equivalent to an MBA. The course curriculum of PGDM is industry oriented and practical this is why working professionals and undergraduates opt for this course.

Types of PGDM program

  1. PGDM (single or dual Specialization)
  2. PGDM in International Management
  3. PGDM in Operations management
  4. PGDM in business Management
  5. PGDM in Business design and innovation

Course Eligibility

  • Minimum 60% marks in 10th, 12th, and graduation. 
  • 70 percentile in MBA entrance exams like CAT, GMAT, CMAT, and CET. 
  • Above 60% marks in 12th English.
  • Active participation in school/ college events. 
  • Experienced leadership opportunities at the school or college level. 
  • A statement of purpose.

PGDM Admission Process

  • Fill out the application form from UBS official website for PGDM admission.
  • Attach 10th, 12th, and graduation mark sheets, entrance exam score card, and graduation certificate documents and mail them to 
  • 2 rounds of personal interview rounds.
  • If you are selected, you will get the provisional offer letter.
  • If all the conditions match, your admission will be confirmed.

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PGDM in Business design innovation in detail-

The curriculum of the PGDM in Business Design Innovation program includes courses in design thinking, innovation management, product design and development, strategic management, marketing management, and entrepreneurship. It focuses on the point where design, viability, desirability, and commercial innovation merge to produce solutions. It entails using concepts and techniques from a variety of disciplines, including project management, ethical standards, sustainability, and social responsibility.

Young entrepreneurs and a few brands have embraced business design as a line of thought and are reinventing innovation through the introduction of enhanced goods and services. At Universal business school, we create future leaders for careers that focus on both creativity and business. The course encourages students to view design as a tool for creating useful products and efficient business procedures.

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Benefits of Pursuing a PGDM in Business Design Innovation


PGDM course taught you not to follow the leaders but to believe in your capabilities to lead others. And pursuing this course helps you to build leadership quality in you.

Employment Opportunities

PGDM in business design innovation enhances your competency as it is an industry-oriented course. And you will learn various business strategies, principles, and concepts in the course for which organizations pay higher salary packages. Some organizations ask their employees to enroll in PGDM courses.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

 PGDM course will build a strong foundation for students who want to start their entrepreneurial journey. PGDM courses enhance the skill set of students such as analytical thinking, creative thinking, and innovation which helps in setting up the business.

Placement Opportunities– 

PGDM courses provide you with an internship which gives you real-life work exposure and a chance to build a corporate network that will help them get pre-placement opportunities. Also, during the end semester, various leading companies from the industry visit the Universal business school campus to offer placement to the students.

Industry-oriented course-

PGDM courses are designed by experts. Like in UBS, the PGDM course curriculum is designed by 60 CEOs of the industry and taught by faculties who have experience of more than 20 years.

Global Perspective

This program enables you to ideate different solutions while keeping a user-centric approach in mind which solves various problems of society at large.

Problem Solver

Business design innovation is a specialized field that emphasizes design thinking as a method of problem-solving. Business designers can produce innovative, customer-centred interfaces, working prototypes, or marketable products through consulting firms.

Career Opportunities after PGDM

The demand for business design innovators is growing tremendously as all corporate houses require skilled professionals who can innovate products/ services. And the top sectors that offer employment to these graduates are-

  • Consulting firms
  • Design Firms
  • Healthcare
  • Banking
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Information technology
  • Retail/FMCG
  • Manufacturing
  • PSUs and others.

Job Opportunities

After completing the PGDM program in business design and innovation successfully, students will be hired for the position of

  • Business Analyst
  • Deputy Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Market development executive
  • Wealth manager
  • Business development executive
  • Brand Executive
  • Wealth Manager
  • Team Manager
  • Market support executive


PGDM is a wonderful course to give your career the right direction. Also, you might feel the course fee is high compared to the MBA but the ROI of studying business design innovation is exceptional and worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the values of design thinking in business?

It is a solution-oriented method in business and its values are collaboration, flexibility, curiosity, empathy, and positivity.

  1. Is PGDM better than MBA?

More programs are good but the PGDM course is slightly better than MBA as the curriculum of PGDM is industry oriented whereas MBA is theoretical-oriented. Additionally, PGDM programs offer more rigorous placement services. In order to seek good pay package options, a PGDM program from a reputable institution like UBS is usually a good idea.

  1. What is the scope of PGDM in International Business?

Multinational organizations hire these graduates to expand their business operations in multiple countries. This course has a wide scope and it opens a wide range of opportunities for you, including those in import-export businesses, supply chain management companies, and international financial management corporations.

  1. Why should you pursue PGDM from UBS, Mumbai?

Reasons, why you should choose UBS for the PGDM course, are-

  • The course focuses on practical learning. Students are given a chance for live decision-making through simulation and experiments.
  • The Course curriculum is designed by CEOs of the industry.
  • Research projects, workshops by CEOs, Thinkathons, and quizzes are organized at regular intervals.
  • National and international placement opportunities.
  1. Why is design thinking in organizations important?

Design thinking offers a quick technique to focus on the specific issues at hand that often leads to the discovery of a new perspective on them, while also offering the insights and information necessary to develop effective solutions that generate revenue for a company.