The Different Potential Career Paths for those with a BBA Degree

BBA Degree

Wondering how to proceed further upon completion of your BBA degree? Still, confused about the BBA scope in future? Well, let us first have a glimpse of this course. 

BBA is one of the popular academic programs in India, usually taken up by students belonging to arts and commerce streams. This course can provide you with job offerings in separate domains and industries like finance, marketing, banking, and human resource. 

Moreover, the specialized BBA degree would furnish you with knowledge and industry-related skills from various market areas, and let you become the best fit for any available vacancies in marketing, management, finance, and other sectors.  Indeed BBA offers a wide range of career prospects, both in terms of employment as well as lucrative salary packages, and also lets you pursue highly demandable post-graduate degrees. The well-known BBA private colleges in India include these study areas in their curriculum. 

In this blog, we are going to understand the relevance of a BBA degree and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead for students.  

BBA- Course Overview

BBA is a three-year-long graduation degree. And, students belonging to all three backgrounds science, commerce, and arts are open to applying for this course. A Bachelor of Business Administration degree lets the students get familiar with the basic and advanced concepts of modern theory, trade, commerce, economics, corporate financing, practical applications of business accounting, desk management, all the latest practices in online marketing, and various-related concepts. 

Eligibility Criteria

Like every degree, diploma, or certificate program, the course of BBA has some criteria that need to be matched, to seek admission for the course. As the criteria may vary from college to college, but, the widely followed and most common ones are given below: 

  • Completion of the 10+2 level from a recognized university or educational board. 
  • Minimum aggregate of 50% to 60% at the 10+2 level of education.

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Career options after the BBA course

The career options after BBA caters to numerous working areas. In this context, let us explore a few of the top-most preferred and available options the candidates look for after the BBA course. 

  • Pursuing an MBA (Master of Business Administration): 

The widely popular field to opt for, after completing a BBA course is to pursue an MBA degree. This is because this postgraduate degree lets you explore and have hands-on experience in the business administration sectors. However, it is usually recommended to take up a job before pursuing the degree, this is because the pre-MBA work experience will act as a proper guide during the MBA study program. The work experience will assist you to know where your interests lie, and accordingly, you will be able to continue with your MBA journey. 

  • Marketing, Finance, and Sales jobs: 

Getting a job in these sectors is most popular among the youths of today’s generation. By far, the most common and popular career options after BBA include internships, financial advisor, real estate agent, accountant, human resources executive, loan officer, salesperson, etc. 

  • Digital Marketing: 

Digital marketing has recently become the most popular career choice among graduates. Whether you are a student from a commerce, science, or arts background you are open to taking up digital marketing as a career. Also, there are numerous online and offline courses available on digital marketing that will help you in finding a well-paid job in this sector. A few of the well-known digital marketing jobs include Content and Video Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing), E-Commerce Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Advertising, Web Analytics, etc. 

  • Start-Up/Entrepreneurship: 

One of the most popular career options after BBA includes starting your own business. The Business Administration course, by definition, has a great deal of scope as it includes business-related strategies in its course structure. Therefore, you can surely opt for this option if you have a nice idea and a great team to work with. But, this career option requires proper planning and investment. Also, multiple options are available nowadays for funding your startup, but it is always good to have a financial backup.

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  • Event Management: 

Making a career as an event manager in event planning companies is widely popular among the youth. So, if you have always wanted to become an event manager, you can opt for BBA in Event Management. Furthermore, you can take up a diploma course of one year, if you have the desire to specialize in this area. 

  • Chartered Accountant (CA): 

The CA course, as we all know, consists of subjects like General Economics, Quantitative aptitude, Mercantile Law, Fundamentals of accounting, Business Communication, and General English. So, if you have interests in law, accounts as well as economics, you can prepare for the CA course upon completion of your BBA degree. 

Moreover, there are innumerable potential job opportunities available in both the public and private sectors. The BBA career opportunities often include working in foreign embassies, preparing for government jobs, pursuing an LLB, becoming a teacher, and applying for degrees like Masters in Hotel Management (MHM), Post-graduate Diploma Management (PGDM), and other postgraduate courses. 

One of the most popular among the enormous BBA institutions in India is the Universal Business School (UBS), which is located in Mumbai. This business school is widely recognized for the multiple management courses it offers. However, at the undergraduate level, it successfully offers AICTE Approved, PGDM, and Global MBA Programs. At the undergraduate level, it offers British BBA and BBA + MBA Programs. 

The candidates seeking admission into Universal Business School might require to appear for a UBS Aptitude Test, and a Personal Interview. For further eligibility criteria and related queries, please visit their official website. 


We can see that in the rapidly changing globalized market scenario, the BBA degree will make you eligible for the public as well as private job sectors. Also, there are numerous potential career options after BBA you can seek for. However, BBA will be the most suitable course if you hope to learn the nuances and intricacies of management or pursue a professional career in the finance and banking sectors. 

But, the degree alone can’t help you face newly emerging professional hurdles that arise from the rapidly transforming market dynamics. Therefore, some postgraduate degrees or certificate programs are needed to make a secure career in the long run. 

So, if you are looking for the best BBA/MBA institutes in India, do register for the excellent programs offered at Universal Business School (UBS). We hope the blog helps you in 

some ways.


  1. What are the three types of BBA Majors?

Based on the type of opportunities, the BBA Majors can be classified into three categories. One is ‘general’, where subjects like international business, management, and entrepreneurship are included. Next is ‘technical’, which includes subjects such as Management Information Systems (MIS), supply chain management, and operations. The third category is ‘professional’ which covers areas like advertising, marketing, finance, and accounting. 

  1. What are the skills BBA students need to acquire? 

Each field puts more emphasis on the skillset of an individual, alongside other things. Being a BBA student, the important skills that you need to have are embracing competitiveness, connecting with a global network, critical thinking, and problem-solving, engaging in innovation for the future, etc. 

  1. Which type of BBA is in demand? 

The BBA course, as we all know, includes multiple specializations in different disciplines. But, BBA in marketing, BBA in HR, and BBA in finance are in huge demand as they can help you find a decent job in today’s world. 

  1. Why is the BBA degree so popular among individuals? 

The BBA graduates are specifically designed to apply for a variety of roles in an organization, also there are plenty of job options available in the market. Alongside, this course is beneficial for those who want to run their family business or become entrepreneurs.