Key Role Of Technology In Communication


Technology has changed our lives influencing major sectors of the society such as transport, health, business, and communication. Advancements in science and technology have made a great impact on the way we communicate, leaving us with no choice but to embrace this inevitability. Over the years, communication methods have evolved from simple text messages and audio calls to more efficient video calls and chat platforms which offer other communication services.

The impact of technology on communication has influenced both individuals and businesses.

The predominance of business communication technology has forced companies to invest heavily in technological communication services both to its employees and its clients. This has proved vital in marketing strategies among other customer provision services.

Important influences of technology in business

1. The easy way for product and service surveying

Surveys are very important. They give companies feedback on the customer’s view on the products or services provided. Before the advancement of business technologies, surveys were very hard to conduct. Companies relied on emails from customers who barely made an effort to give their feedback. Nowadays, surveys are simply done through the internet. This is a fast and efficient method that saves the company time and money.

2. Social interaction with clients or customers

Through business technology, companies can open official company websites through which customers are encouraged to visit. Through these websites, the company interacts with its customers. Customers can give their comments on particular issues and after that get a comprehensive response from the company’s support team. The companies can also join social media platforms from which their customers can follow them such as Instagram or Facebook. These platforms can be used by the companies to announce the release of new products among others. For example, Nordstrom, an n American fashion retail business that has opened a Facebook account through which customers can follow the recent updates like discounts, new products among others.

3. Video conferencing

Allows long distant one-on-one communication among members of an organization or business. Video conferencing can be used in the business meeting.

4. Use of digitalized networks to communicate

Broadband and satellite transmissions enable efficient business communications through office phones or sending a file to a specific printer when you are miles away from the office.


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