The learning from Indoor Sports Club!


When it comes to MBA, there are variety of business schools in India but Universal Business School is one of its kind. UBS is a truly global business school having collaboration with multiple leading universities across the world namely Cardiff Metropolitan University, University of Economics Bulgaria, Swish School of Management e.t.c. It is endorsed by 60 CEOs and focuses on experiential learning. The faculty in UBS carries a vast experience of industry and the teaching methodology here varies tremendously from the other B Schools as every year the syllabus gets revised according to the demand of the industry. It is specially taken care that 80% of the learning is practical learning. This help the students to know the big picture of the industry before going to the industry.
UBS consists of total 11 clubs such as: UBS Innovation Club, Indoor Sports Club, Finance Club, Marketing Club, HR & CSR Club, Tech Ops, International Club etc.

“Sports teaches you character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and loose and most importantly it teaches you about life.” – Billie Jean King
“Sports build good habits, confidence and discipline. They make players into community leaders and teach them how to strive for a goal, handle mistakes and cherish growth opportunities.” – Julie Foudy
Being a sports loving person, I always wanted to join Indoor Sports Club and I am fortunate that by seeing my calibre, the club has given me an opportunity to prove myself. It organises all sorts of indoor sport events such as Box Cricket League, Intra College Badminton Championship, Full Night Pool Night, Quadrangular, Run 4 Fun, The Biggest Looser etc. This club gave me a lot of things, such as:

1. A Mentor who is Always There for Me to Help You in Difficult Situations
2. A Family Away from Home
3. A Team that Works Day & Night for Making the Event Success

During my tenure in this club, the learning curve always went up. I have learnt a lot by working in Indoor Sports Club. My key learnings are:

1. Leaving behind the ego while working in the team.
2. Taking Leadership initiatives.
3. Treating everybody in the team equally.
4. Making strategies for organising the events.
5. Marketing for the events.
6. Managing Budgets.
7. Taking ownership of the work.
8. Handling pressure situations
9. Creating future leaders who can carry the legacy of the club ahead.

Experience, dedication and creativity are the key determinants for success and Indoor Sports Club is the live example of that. When it comes to generating revenue, at that time ISC shows its power. It not only manages its events and club expenses through the revenue but also gives back to UBS in the form of maintaining the Indoor Sports as well as gym area. ISC is the top rated club of UBS, its events are blockbuster and its team is well organised. ISC runs on performance based model and believes in creating leaders for future hence it gives opportunity to each and every team member who has the potential to grow.

ISC will always be close to my heart and my experience in working with ISC will always help me in future.

Ashutosh Panda

Director Indoor Sports Club


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