The Top Career Options for Psychology (Liberal Arts) & Economics with BBA



Are you interested in pursuing BBA? Let me take a moment to introduce you to two BBA programs that will give you a better career perspective. BBA is one sought career option students go for after completing their 12th. Hence to have an added advantage, you can pursue BBA in psychology or economics, these courses will give you better insight into understanding customers/employees of the organization and also about the business insights. In this post, we’ll discuss the career options you’ll have in both the streams and the best liberal arts colleges in Mumbai from where you can pursue this course.

Career Options for Psychology With BBA

Industrial Counsellor

As an industrial counselor, the business psychologist will address issues at work that negatively impact productivity and create methods for resolving conflicts. Additionally, counselors will aid new hires in settling into their workplace.

Marketing Executive 

Knowledge of psychology helps the marketer to understand consumer behavior in a better way. A business psychologist can assist a business in creating profitable customer-acquisition methods. 

Additionally, this job contributes to the development of innovative, imaginative marketing plans and occasionally even brand-new items.

Human Resource Executive

 Human resource is one of the best departments for the application of business psychology. As a business psychologist, you’ll be able to better perform your tasks such as unbiased hiring procedures, relations with employees, management activities, and advisory services.

College Professor 

You can also choose to make a career in teaching. You can teach subjects like industrial relations, consumer psychology, organization management, engineering psychology, etc. You can shape the future of the next generation of business psychologists.

Corporate Consultant

When assisting businesses to enhance performance and boost production, business psychology experts play an important role. In their role as corporate consultants, business psychologists examine the entire company or a specific division that is directly responsible for productivity to identify potential issues and create solutions.

Career Options For Economics with BBA

Business Analytics

Business analytics help organizations better understand their customers. Business analytics provides insights that help the organization in planning and decision-making.

Management Research 

They are in charge of organizing and managing research projects, keeping track of project development, assisting team members, putting new approaches into practice, and producing reports. They offer research findings when a project is finished.

Business Journalism 

The area of journalism known as “business journalism” monitors, documents, dissects and evaluates social and economic changes. Personal finances, business at the neighborhood market and malls, the success of well-known and lesser-known corporations, and more might all be included. Business-related persons, locations, and topics are covered in news and feature stories in this genre of journalism.

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Management Colleges in Mumbai

 The below-mentioned is one of the trusted and reputed management institutes in Mumbai.

About Universal Business School

Endorsed by 60 CEOs, India’s first green business school is one of the top BBA colleges in Mumbai. UBS offers an internationally recognized programme that is filled with global thinking and offers the chance to learn from global CEOs and CXOs. UBS offers British BBA & BBA+ MBA combined programs. They have partnered with different Universities and colleges from France, the UK, the US, and Bulgaria. UBS BBA and MBA courses are one of a kind in the country.

Students from UBS are placed in companies like Honda, Deloitte, Kotak securities, DHFL, Bajaj capital, Uber, Hindustan Unilever ltd, Sony, Asian paints, D mart, Bisleri, jaguar, and other top companies in India and abroad.

UBS is known as a five-star university and true to its name they provide the world’s best infrastructure and facilities to the students.

BBA + Economics/ psychology (Liberal arts) at UBS

The UK has been the best destination for students who want to study abroad from India. And At UBS, they have partnered with the Uk’s prestigious Cardiff MET. University to offer a BBA program.

Students can choose their minor subjects from psychology/economics with a major in business management. And they also get the opportunity to study for 2 years in India and one optional year in the UK.

Course Curriculum

UBS concentrates on providing 80% practical learning to the students. Workshops from industry CEOs, quizzes, industry mentorship of students, research initiatives, economic review sessions, Thinkathons, conferences, symposiums, shadowing techniques, and international and Indian internships are some of the other opportunities given to students to develop leadership and decision-making ability. 

Internship- After completion of 1 year, students have to go for internships for 8-10 weeks. This is mandatory for all students.

Course Structure

UBS is a reputed name among the best liberal arts colleges because of its course structure.

As Business management is a major subject, it will be common with both minors’ specializations.

In business management, you will study-

  • Business Information system
  • Finance
  • Marketing 
  • Business economics
  • World of business and the law.
  • Human resource management

Subjects in Psychology

  • Applied cognitive and biological psychology
  • Social and developmental
  • Conceptual and historical issues
  • Critical social and developmental psychology

Subjects in Economics

  • Games and information
  • History of economic thought
  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics

Eligibility criteria

  • Students from any stream can apply for this course.
  • The Aggregate of the students is a minimum of 65 percent in class 12th.

Admission Process

  • Fill out the application form with 2000 Rs. 
  • Email your academic mark sheets, SOP, and LOR to 
  • Candidates need to give the UBSAT exam but candidates with SAT/ACT/Pearson/UGAT scores may not take the UBSAT; instead, they should send their scorecards.
  • An interview round.

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By reading about career opportunities, BBA in psychology/economics has to offer, you must have understood how this course is better than any regular BBA course. Now, take a business management career to another level by enrolling yourself in this prestigious management college in Mumbai like Universal Business School