The Various Benefits of an Executive PGDM Program

Executive PGDM Program

Choosing the perfect profession is hard. There is a fair amount of trial and error involved in settling down in a role that satisfies you both professionally and personally. But, like every seasoned professional in any field knows, as you keep racking up experience and getting those hard-earned promotions after years of grinding, the plateau eventually hits.

Try as you may some of the top management roles in your organization might look just out of reach even after you have toiled for years. That is where an Executive PGDM program (EPGDM) can help you – to finally ascend the stairway to heaven that has been eluding you professionally for so long.

An executive PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) is designed specifically to cater to jet-set executives like you who have a lot of responsibilities to juggle between. Time is scarce, your most valuable resource. We at UBS do understand that. And that is why our EPGDM is exactly suited to your specific needs. Let us now examine how enrolling in a PGDM can boost your career and why it is so effective.

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The success of LinkedIn as a tool and as a social networking site has really driven home the point that networking is one of the keys to finding good positions in top companies. While It has made networking easier than it used to be, of course, nothing beats the good old-fashioned camaraderie that arises out of like-minded people thrown together in a group.

An executive PGDM for working professionals ensures that you meet people who have similar goals and are probably in a similar stage of life. Just like you, your peers are also attending the same course because they are looking to get into the upper echelons of their company too. These future leaders can be a great springboard for you to jumpstart your career growth again. Or maybe even collaborate on future endeavors. We know you don’t settle for less than the best and we ensure that your networks comprise the cream of the crop too.


The main difference between an MBA and PGDM is the time taken to complete the courses. Of course, both are postgraduate courses in Management. PGDM is shorter than traditional MBAs while still being valued equally. Often spanning just two years, Executive PGDMs outdo even those by being extremely flexible in terms of both time and place. 

UBS also offers the option to choose between weekdays and weekends, Saturday batches or Sunday batches so anyone, no matter how busy they are, can eke out time to study at their convenience. They also have centers located at Sion, Malad, and Thane so save further time on traveling for when you absolutely need to take physical classes on your preferred day. There are always modules you can just complete remotely, as online PGDM is but a given due to the busy lifestyles of the students they attract.

Another way Executive PGDM courses offer flexibility is in the terms of specialization. These courses often give you the option to pick more than one specialization, so you are not stuck with the same fixed options, all of which may not suit you. Instead, you can pick and choose which areas you want to specialize in.

Overall Growth

With courses designed by industry experts and leaders, EPGDM courses offer you the best experience in efficient learning. The constant challenge of having to beat or keep up similarly ultra-focused peers only goes into making you resilient and a problem solver. Just the qualities upper management look for. Add to the add the leadership skills that are taught both in class and through practical exercises designed by specialists, and you are bound for a personality upgrade like no other.

It also adds real-world experience through various projects and workshops designed by mammoths in the industry, who also ensure that the syllabi are always up to date with the latest going on in the field. You can rest assured that completing a PGDM from UBS will not only mean you leave with a heftier resume but also a heftier skill set that can take you to the pinnacle of your professional life.


We are coming to this part towards the end because we already assume that you are, by now, aware of the number one requirement to get an executive PGDM admission. Yes, you need to be working somewhere already. Other than that, there are a few more things that we need to look at in more detail:

  • The candidate needs to have completed graduation with 50% marks or more (this includes other mark sheets too right from the 10th grade)
  • The candidate must have sat for and acquired a minimum of 70% in any of the common entrance exams like CAT/ GMAT/ CMAT/MH-CET
  • The candidate must have acquired more than 60% in English in the 10+ level to prove that he has basic communication skills
  • LORs (letters of Reference) or SOP (Statement of purpose) 

We have already discussed how executive PGDM courses are specifically descended to give you the extra edge you need to reach for the toughest of positions in any company. Whether you choose to continue in your own company or take up a new position in another company, it can definitely help you increase your salary. However, if you are one of those perfectionists looking for a course after PGDM there are still some options for you. You can choose from various Ph.D. programmes, CA, CFA, Six Sigma Certifications, etc if you want to keep reaching for the pinnacle of knowledge in your field.

However, most people won’t and that is perfectly fine. An EPGDM is a big enough investment as it is, but the return on investment is always in spades. Enroll in The AICTE-approved and internally accredited EPGDM programs at UBS today to safeguard your seat in the annals of professional and leadership excellence today

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  1. Is UBS college NBA accredited?

Yes, Universal Business School is NBA accredited with top-class educational facilities.

  1. Does UBS provide  Executive PGDM courses?

Yes, Universal Business School provides Executive PGDM courses.

  1. Whom to contact in case of inquiries about the Executive PGDM course at UBS?
    You can contact our academic counselors at 7838500178 / 8689920747 or email your query to
  1. Can I avail of scholarships for the Executive PGDM program?

Yes, UBS provides scholarships for all its courses. To know more about scholarships applicable to your program visit