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Importance of Graduation and Post-graduation Courses.

The first step towards a successful professional career in business is to get into a BBA course that stands out from the rest of the courses. Universal Business School offers a BBA course that is designed in association with foreign universities. The association brings an international perspective to the entire curriculum. Students get a chance to learn a globally accepted curriculum, keeping them one step ahead.

Post-graduation programs hold a special place in the Indian education system. Their importance is matched by the work opportunities that post-graduation provides. Specialist knowledge in a particular field or industry as well as transferable skills are the mainstay points of a postgraduate degree. Most industries and companies hold a postgraduate degree as a mainstay when recruiting for higher positions in their organisations.

With opportunities to lead or manage a project offered by the specialisation, most post-graduates are equipped with leadership knowledge and experience. Their specialisation and the extensive knowledge make them a competent manager or industry leader that can pave the way for progress and better industry standards.

Having a masters degree from a reputed college is a further plus when a student is seeking a better or a higher level job opportunity. Companies associate the quality of education received by the student with the reputation of the institute. However, if a student is a graduate of a globally recognised program, his or her skills and experience will be welcomed by almost all of the companies in the industry.

Why are International degrees held high?

Since we are familiar with names like Oxford, Harvard or Princeton, a degree recognised by such prominent institutes holds far better value than any other vanilla degree might. It is their quality of education, the high standard of curriculum that these institutes function with that makes them far more appealing.

A pass-out from any such college holds a remarkable value in the industry. Education of that standard comes with global ideas, emphasis on skills and experiential learning giving any student an unforgettable learning experience.

Intending to create international leaders, some Indian institutes offer globally recognised programs in affiliation with some of the most prestigious institutes.

Universal Business School or UBS near Mumbai is among one such institute.

Universal Business School – Institute with International Standards!

UBS was established to create environmentally sensitive and passionate global leaders. They aspire to enhance corporate governance with the development of business leadership and resilient organisations.

Along with their experiential learning practices and expanding competencies of the teaching staff, the students of the school are encouraged to develop their business acumen as well.

UBS offers a series of globally recognised programs that are designed along with international universities like the University of Dallas, University of Salamanca, Swiss School of Management and Cardiff-Metropolitan University.

Their post-graduation programs are oriented towards quality education and specialisation training for future industry trendsetters. With their global PGDBM, MBA, BBA and Executive MBA programs, UBS offers multiple specialisations and opportunities for visionaries of tomorrow. Established by dedicated CEOs, UBS works on creating the next generation of leaders rather than mere management students.

Teaching methods at UBS

UBS utilises experiential learning based on seven modules.

Consulting Aptitude Project (CAP), Self-Assessment, Validation & Intervention (SAVI), Design Thinking, Research Paper Publication (RPP), Leadership Development Potential (LDP), Management of Self (MOS) and Societal Management Aptitude & Responsibility Temperament (SMART).

Global MBA and BBA have garnered much-deserved attention in recent years. Graduates of Global MBA and BBA have taken up charge in internationally acclaimed companies with skills that could otherwise take years to develop.

Through the Global MBA and BBA programs, students get an opportunity to expand their interests and specialisation to get an international view on the subject matter. This opens up new pathways and concepts of previously established limitations.

UBS acknowledges the importance of the programs and offers new-age sub-specialisations for that extra edge. Digital Marketing, Fintech, Data Analytics with SAS and Lean Six Sigma are among the eight sub-specialisation that UBS offers.

Training for the Future

Corporate Training to the graduates is provided so they are well prepared to adjust and take command at the earliest. This makes them better leaders in whatever fields they choose.

UBS has trainers like veteran HRM Prof. Leslie Rebello. His experience in Human Resource has been prolific. By training over 30,000 managers across 200 companies in multiple fields, he has the required experience that any student entering the industry would appreciate.

Placement Opportunities at UBS

UBS makes the students of the BBA courses employable and ready for the corporate world. Through various workshops, seminars and sessions by industrial experts, UBS helps the students to accomplish different skills that are needed for the real world of business.

UBS has a dedicated Placement Team with veterans like Rahul Dahiya, Vikas Narula and G.Suman working towards creating exciting opportunities for their students. Their experience in the industry helps them identify the gaps and possibilities for the leaders of tomorrow. Automobiles, Telecommunication, Banking, Retail, Information Technology and Healthcare are among 18 industries that graduates of UBS have received opportunities in.

Companies like Federal Bank, Tresvista, HDFC, Carrier Midea and Venture Gulf Group have students from UBS holding prominent positions. Their salaries are either in 7 or 8 figure margins. Students graduating from the class of 2020 have on average been offered an annual salary package of over 8 Lakhs.

Universal Business School – Your Career Launch Platform!

UBS prides itself in delivering the highest quality of education which has helped students conquer – opportunities. Students graduating from UBS have managed to secure positions among the leaders of their industries.

Combining all of the mentioned aspects, UBS has managed to deliver industry leaders with their global programs. They are continuously working towards creating and delivering an even better standard of learning. UBS works alongside their students to teach them all that they will need and much more.


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