Thinking about how to add value to your career? Globally Recognised UG Programmes by UBS is your answer!


“Having a purpose and knowing exactly what your values are will add years to your life.” 

  • Dan Buettner

Over the years, the workplace environment has changed completely. The ever-evolving world of business now demands highly efficient professionals. 

The future-based approach to working has made work-life challenging and exciting for employers and employees. Nonetheless, it is of utmost importance to add value to your career. The habit of adding value to your career, in the beginning, can lead to many advantages for your future work life. 

To make sure that you start from the beginning, you must apply to undergraduate (UG) programs that teach you that same. Here is more information about how these programs can help you become the leader of tomorrow and accelerate growth. 

It Is Essential To Know your first step! 

Adding value to your career can be an overwhelming journey. So start your journey with good research. Universal Business School is built by 60 CEOs who have been in the industry for a long time. 

The programmes are carefully put together with global standards. The quality of the programmes is checked by international agencies, ensuring students get an edge over others. The programmes promise growth. This approach enables students to make a mark in their jobs and helps them become future leaders. 

Advanced learning

It is vital to learn from the best. Many will think that an online course from anywhere can help you amp up your career. Unfortunately, it is not valid! Choose your college carefully and pursue a course that gives you a certificate and enhances your knowledge. You can study every part of what you do for business using extra-curricular sources and activities, classes, mentoring, and plenty of additional training in the electronic digital world.

If you wish to increase your worth, you should:

  • Never stop learning and improving your talents.
  • Stay at the top of your business to be a champion.
  • Improve your present abilities and augment your profession with new learning options.

With UBS, every student learns and grasps the basic as well as advanced skills of every field. Not only this but students are taught additional skills like entrepreneurial, master training, etc., through various workshops and seminars by industry leaders that help them become all-around and valuable leaders. 


Real leaders dedicate their energy and cost to their self-growth and value addition. Companies see value when you use your self-improvement ideas. Every aspect of your life benefits from your individual development and growth. For example, it assists you in developing skills that enable you to be a great employee.

Also, personal improvement is necessary. Reading books, watching videos, and attending training are all options. These programs commit to combining your skill growth and professional growth to provide the sort of benefit that results in higher wages for your future work.

At UBS, other than classes and extra activities that boost value creation in students, there are libraries, board rooms, etc., to bring in the element of after-learning co-creative activities.

Goal setting – start now. 

Setting objectives is one of the keys to success. Short-range and long goals might be beneficial. These objectives might range from what you want to attain in your employment this year to what you want to achieve in the long run.

If you move forward toward specific targets, you are progressing. The main objective discussion should be held at the start of each year. Be explicit about your goals. 

UBS provides the perfect platform for students who want to become future leaders with an environment that teaches them to look into themselves and see where and how they are progressing. In addition, it hosts workshops and guest lectures by industrial experts that help students understand the corporate world in depth. 

What Makes UBS an Ideal Choice for You?

Choosing an institution that is the brainchild of 60 CEOs and is known as India’s first green business school could be your golden opportunity.  UBS offers a globally certified British, American, and European curriculum and the opportunity to learn from global CEOs and CXOs. 

Not only that, but UBS has also partnered with leading universities and institutions in the United Kingdom, the United States, France, and Bulgaria for better curriculum and knowledge. As a result, you can also explore AICTE-approved PGDM and Global MBA programs as well as British BBA and BBA + MBA programs at the undergraduate level from the Top British University of the Year!

It promotes experiential learning and is focused on bringing quality knowledge. The students are constantly trained and guided by expert faculty members. The clear goal of UBS is to cultivate innovative, ethical, accountable, and global leaders. Leaders who will alter organisations and society at large by creating impactful knowledge.

The Learning Ethos of UBS are:

  • Diversity is the source of richness.
  • Learn how to make sound decisions.
  • A deep respect for the viewpoint of the other.
  • Develop your ability to take action.
  • Consider the consequences of your choices.

The values as mentioned above are instilled with great conviction while imparting knowledge, making UBS the ideal choice for all the students. 

The programmes available at UBS are not only internationally acclaimed but also industry-relevant. Its quality curriculum is kept in check by the agencies of the US, UK, France, and more. This also allows students to gain a global perspective on the world of business. It does not limit them to only the Indian Business scenario. It will enable the students to broaden their horizons and attain an edge over others in the most competitive era.


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