Thinking of where to start your corporate journey after class 12? UBS has got plans for you!


College admissions have already begun, and the moment has come to choose a decent college after graduating high school. 

However, with the entrance of the fourth industrial revolution, the market landscape is rapidly altering. Moreover, the transition from high school to university has become a little more complicated due to the necessity for new job prospects appearing due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Every aspirant dreams of studying at the best/top-ranked college after high school. However, with so many courses and universities to choose from, students frequently find finding the best/top colleges for admission after 12th grade a problematic undertaking. Furthermore, it is stressful when students believe that the best institutions are restricted in number or that the colleges have a limited number of seats and that they would not be able to achieve in their careers.

After Class 12, selecting the ideal college has a long-term impact on a student’s life. Furthermore, students must understand that picking a college at random can impact their financial security and independence during their working years.

After Class 12, how can you choose the right college and course?

We all know that deciding on a professional path is complex, and kids have difficulty selecting the best/top universities for admission after Class 12. Fear of failure, peer pressure, and parental pressure are the main reasons behind this. On the other hand, some students know which job path, college and course they want to pursue from the start of their career. On the other hand, some students are unsure of what to do next.

1. Recognise your passions

Understanding one’s interests are critical to professional success. It displays consistency in educational activities as well as the workplace. For example, if a student wants to be an engineer, doctor, or teacher, they should enrol in a course that matches their interests and abilities. However, if a student is creative, they must choose a particular interest and pursue a career route that allows them to pursue their passion. The goal is to match a student’s profession with their interests so that they are more motivated to work hard to gain information and experience and achieve their career goals.

2. Analyse the situation thoroughly.

In today’s world, there are a plethora of professional alternatives. Regular UG degree courses, certificates, weekday or weekend courses, and even distance education are all part of it. At this point, it’s critical to determine your interests and review the course material to make an informed decision.

3. Learn about the possibilities for the future.

One significant piece of advice that might assist students in picking the correct institution or course after high school is to evaluate a course based on future potential. Furthermore, students must grasp that 65 percent of today’s jobs will no longer exist in today’s technologically driven world in ten years. As a result, settling on a career based on past references is not a good idea.

As a result, knowing one’s interest should be the first incentive, followed by course viability, market demand, and financial security.

After completing the 12th grade, you can pursue a management degree:

Management is a broad field that accepts students from many walks of life. You can choose any management degree if you have completed your intermediate in science, commerce, or even humanities. The top management colleges in India offer a variety of degrees, including the ones listed below:

BBA: Bachelor of Business Administration is a three-year full-time degree programme designed to give students a basic understanding of management. BBA is one of the most lucrative degrees available today, and it also serves as a stepping stone to an MBA. Obtaining a BBA degree entails embarking on a path to success, rich with opportunity at every turn.

How Is UBS the perfect start to your career?

Universal Business School is the brainchild of CEOs and other industry leaders. The college hosts courses for graduation and post-graduation in partnership with the top foreign universities. The curriculum is carefully planned for the students to gain knowledge in the best possible way. 

The college’s understanding of the industry standards comes from years of experience and expertise. They have full-time degree courses for the ones who have just passed class 12. They strongly promote experiential learning, giving students a unique learning experience. In addition, the international associations with top universities bring a whole new world of knowledge to the students. 

Universal Business School emphasises the integration of core research and real-world experience. Instead of only thinking about the encounter and presumably responding to the stimuli, the learning environment at UBS introduces students to real-life circumstances that will put their abilities, knowledge, and emotions to the test and provide them with the flexibility to adapt to emerging situations. 

As a result, when the students enter the corporate sector, they will be well versed in the current business environment. This will allow them to be productive right away. In addition, annual Symposia and Conferences, which are held regularly at the Institute, will give students a fantastic opportunity to improve their leadership and management abilities while listening to global thought leaders.

UBS has two uniquely planned courses:

BBA – Cardiff Met. UK

You can choose any 4 of them:

  • Investment Management
  • Financial Management for Managers
  • Contemporary Business Communications
  • International & Global Marketing
  • Strategic Brand Management & Effective Advertising
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship

BBA + MBA – Cardiff Met. UK

You can choose any 4 of them:

  • Strategic Brand Management and Effective Advertising
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Investment Management
  • Contemporary Business Communications in a Globalised World
  • Financial Management for Managers
  • International & Global Marketing

The above courses are meticulously planned by the Cardiff Met. University of UK and Universal Business School. The academic association has not only enhanced the learning standards for the students but has also redefined education for good. 

As you begin to plan your career, choose UBS to accelerate your growth the right way!


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