Top 5 Reasons Making Students Incline Towards Global MBA

Global MBA

Introduction to Global MBA

Global MBA is a uniquely-crafted MBA that focuses on the curriculum laid down by the 16 future-focused skill sets of the World Economic Forum. The entire program focuses on six core capabilities of a professional: Leading, Strategising, Influencing, Problem Solving, Adapting, and Analyzing. The program equips you with the tools to become a part of the global talent force. 

The program spans at least two years and covers all fundamentals of disciplines such as Accounting, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, and Organisational Behaviour. Graduating within this framework allows for scholars to earn special credence and a strong foot on the global stage. A Global MBA elevates your resume and prepares you for senior roles in management in your field. By covering both educational and soft skills, the diploma prepares you for the boardrooms of tomorrow. 

Undergraduates interested in breaking into global hiring circles need the backing of the highly coveted Global MBA diploma. The hiring criteria of local and international companies are vastly different. International companies are always looking for skilled employees who can promote the agenda of the business all around the world. When it comes to salary packages and opportunities for promotion, a Global MBA places graduates in a better position than their peers. are better positioned to perform better than their peers.

Features of a Global MBA

Global MBAParticulars
Degree TypeDiploma
Duration1 – 2 years
Study StyleOn-Campus
Ideal for Undergraduates eyeing global exposure

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What is the Global MBA’S Appeal?

Nearly all fortune 500 companies operate internationally. Executives must have command over global affairs to be able to operate in different markets. This also requires the top management to be exceedingly great at being a global citizen. While most business leaders and employees learn on the job, it takes an extraordinary amount of time to climb up the ladder in terms of access and seniority. Herein comes Global MBA – which confers the students with the skills they need to operate on a global level. 

Global MBA is a 12-month full-time postgraduate program that will fast-track your career to positions of global power and relevance. The course’s core framework is all about harnessing the power of emerging technologies and learning the art of dealing with international and diverse markets. A regular MBA is a great starting point for undergraduates looking for domestic jobs, but it is not enough to crack international job interview screening.

The top-selling points of Global MBA are:

  • A highly accredited course taught by globalists and industry leaders. 
  • Flexible learning that results in maximum impact. 
  • Developing a global mindset through working with multicultural teams.
  • Platforming cross-functional perspective in a class filled with diverse voices.
  • Specializing in a core area of management such as finance, human resource, etc.
  • Taking practical classes that foster growth and skill development. 

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Regular MBA vs Global MBA

A Global MBA is aimed at students who wish to work in the leadership positions of multinational organizations. The program covers a diverse number of topics that pertain to international business working culture. 

Meanwhile, a regular MBA lays down the foundation of business concepts such as accounts, finance, and human resources, and covers a broad range of subjects that teaches students managerial, technical, and leadership skills.

Top 5 Reasons Why Students Are Inclining Towards Global MBA

A great scope of learning

A Global MBA expands your knowledge beyond your basic learning defaults. The curriculum is entirely based on an international business framework and pursuing a global outlook. Global MBA scholars learn to expand horizons beyond their traditional knowledge. Global MBA’s scope goes far beyond normal classes and graduation. The 12-month course covers subjects that help you understand the workings of a business better and build on your interpersonal skills.

Internationally accredited degree

Most Global MBA courses, including the UBS Global MBA program, are accredited by professional governing bodies which include CMI and CIMA. The accreditation of the degree allows for students to gain a chartered status and emerge with qualifications that are valued by global employers. This also puts a Global MBA in a higher rank of legitimacy than any other domestic degree. 

International networking opportunities

Global MBA programmes enroll students from all around the world, who have a chance to mingle with people from diverse backgrounds. This enriching engagement helps in developing their networking skills and building a massive phone directory. Exposure to different cultures, working styles, and ethnicities builds character. A Global MBA connects you with people who contribute to your worldview, which later helps you work in remote areas of the world.

Diverse career options

The weightage of a Global MBA puts you ahead of the competition. You can pursue a diverse range of career options with a degree. A Global MBA develops a broad knowledge of business skills that are relevant to people. Global MBA scholars can apply for jobs across various roles due to their training and international exposure.

They can switch between leadership roles or pursue entrepreneurship. The training in Global MBA maximizes your curiosity and equips you with the tools to present, ideate, and develop your business solutions.  

Lucrative job opportunities

A Global MBA is one of the best diplomas that can effectively end your career stagnation and put you in a high-earning category of skilled employees. Global MBA job opportunities are vast and can be pursued anywhere in the world.

As they move up in their seniority, they get a chance to work in better companies with excellent packages. Recent pay scale surveys have found that the average Global MBA pass-out’s starting pay ranges somewhere between 30 LPA to 70 LPA (€ 98,000). Investing in a Global MBA program is a wise choice, as it has one of the highest ROI of any professional degree.

In conclusion,

Global MBA prepares you for an international business career with relevant subjects and lectures. It is the perfect vehicle for professionals who wish to leap from their domestic-bound jobs for exciting international opportunities.


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