Top 7 Professional Avenues after pursuing MS in Business Analytics

Career Opportunities after MS in Business Analytics

The business world has been growing at a great speed. However, analysis and development are two major aspects of it. A business cannot grow without analyzing its whereabouts. This is where the role of a business analyst comes in. Among other courses related to the entrepreneurial industry, courses in business analytics have emerged as one of the preferred options. 

You can opt for a Master in Science in Business Analytics to get into this part of the business world. 

Table Of Contents

  1. Why Business Analytics?
    1. Grow Your Firm With Analytics
    2. Get Better Job Opportunities
    3. Accelerate Your Career Growth
  2. Types Of Business Analytics
    1. Descriptive Analytics
    2. Predictive Analytics
    3. Prescriptive Analytics
    4. Diagnostic Analytics
  3. You can opt for the following 7 career avenues after getting a degree in Business Analytics:
    1. Data Architecture
    2. Machine Learning Engineer
    3. Data Analyst
    4. Chief Data Officer
    5. Project Manager
    6. Data Scientist
    7. Market Research Analyst
  4. Career In Business Analytics
  5. Salaries In Business Analytics
  6. Course Structure (PGP in Data Science and Business Analytics, Hybrid Program
    1. Term I (Decision Analytics and Management)
    2. Term II (Data Technology and Programming)
    3. Term III (AI and Machine Learning)
  7. Course Admission
  8. Conclusion

Why Business Analytics?

Business analytics is a link between business operations and technology. It provides analytical insights to enhance the growth of a business. This field of work in the business industry is offering an opportunity to get into a pivotal role of a company. Here’s why business analytics is an excellent choice as a career:

Grow Your Firm With Analytics

You do not need to go to any other firm when you have the scope to contribute to your own firm. You can shift to analytical roles. You can start with basic analytical activities, and shift to more complex roles as you gain experience in the role. 

Get Better Job Opportunities –

Business analytics is such a hot topic among entrepreneurs that merely mentioning experience in basic analytical techniques and tools in your resume can get you many job opportunities. 

Accelerate Your Career Growth

Business analytics is still an emerging branch of the business world. And so, now is the best time to shift to it. Many business firms are on the lookout for business analysts, offering attractive salary packages. You can pursue a course in the same and make a career in the field. 

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Types Of Business Analytics

There are 4 types of business analytics, them being:

Descriptive Analytics

This type of business analysis sums up a company’s data to help understand its past and present functioning. This type of business analytics is the simplest and is accessible to different members of the company. 

This type of analysis helps in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a company and working on them. It also helps businesses understand customer behavior in a better way and come up with strategies to market in an effective way. 

Predictive Analytics

This type of analysis helps in designing future events for a company. This is done with the help of machine learning and statistical models. Analysts collect the existing data from social media and other platforms and provide the company with a picture of users’ opinions on their products and services. This helps organize future events to market the business well and accelerate its growth.

Prescriptive Analytics –

It is very important to plan the next step to be taken to grow a business, and prescriptive analytics is something that helps in doing so. While predictive analytics focuses on planning a future event, prescriptive analytics helps decide the next best steps to achieve the goal. It also guides a business to take specific action to complete those steps. You can term it as a link between action and its result. 

Diagnostic Analytics

This type of business analysis helps move forward from past performance to present ones. It also helps a business reach the root cause of various events answering important questions like why and how. 

 You can opt for the following 7 career avenues after getting a degree in Business Analytics:

1. Data Architecture

Data Architects design data frameworks for businesses so that they can manage their gigantic electronic databases in a systematic way. This helps make many databases easily accessible to the members of the organization.

2. Machine Learning Engineer –

This is a career path still in its infant stage. It helps in delivering data-driven products and services, wherein machines do all the work from making decisions to taking action.

3. Data Analyst –

A data analyst evaluates data collected from various departments of a business. This helps a business get a clear insight into its functioning and come up with better strategies for the same.

4. Chief Data Officer

A CDO supervises a business’ data minutely and generates business value. This job role is still under process in many organizations and is filling fast.

5. Project Manager

A project manager is responsible for planning and overseeing a business’ projects. This job role requires excellent leadership and management skills.

6. Data Scientist

Using different analytics tools along with AI and Machine Learning, a Data Scientist takes up raw data from various sources and converts it into some meaningful information for a business so that they can work toward enhancing their growth.

7. Market Research Analyst

A market research analyst gathers reports, user opinions, and reviews from various platforms and comes up with marketing strategies that help a business grow. This job role requires knowledge of statistical techniques and software. 

Career In Business Analytics

You have read all about business analytics. The reason you have reached this part of the article is that this field of work interests you. To make a career in this field, you can either go for a PGP in data science and business analytics or a master of science in business analytics. You won’t find many colleges offering you a master of science in business analytics. However, there are some business schools offering excellent courses. 

If you are searching for a business analytics course in Mumbai, the Universal Business School is an excellent choice. This business school has come up with a course in business analytics in a strategic partnership with the University of Dallas. 

UBS’ MS in Business Analytics program offers you the following:

  • Learning the latest technologies that help the student excel in the field
  • Learning from the best faculty
  • Unique classroom combinations offering both offline and online classes
  • Getting hands-on experience in the field with the latest technologies and tools

Salaries In Business Analytics

Students pursuing a Master of Science in Business Analytics get the best in the field salary packages starting from around 6.7 – 12.1 lacs. As one gains experience in the field, one can bag competitive salaries. Business analytics graduates from UBS are hired by organizations like KPMG, SAS, and more. 

Course Structure (PGP in Data Science and Business Analytics, Hybrid Program)

The MS in Business Analytics program at UBS offers you 12 months of studies at the University of Dallas after the successful completion of 8 months of PGP in Data Science and Business Analytics program at the UBS Mumbai campus. Here’s the module in detail:

Term I (Decision Analytics and Management)

  • Data Visualization (using Tableau)
  • Data Analysis for Decision Making (Using Excel)
  • Foundation of Management and Strategies in New Technical Areas
  • Quant Methods and Statistics

Term II (Data Technology and Programming)

  • Analytics (using R)
  • Scripting Languages and Programming (using Python)
  • Foundation of Marketing Management
  • Society and Business
  • Relational Database and NoSQL

Term III (AI and Machine Learning)

  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Conversational AI
  • Recommender Systems
  • Anomaly Detection and Feature Engineering 
  • Deep Learning

You can opt to pursue an MS in Business Analytics at the University of Dallas after completing the above. 

Course Admission 

The following is the eligibility criteria to get admission in the PGP in Data Science and Business Analytics program at UBS:

10th, 12th, and Graduation50%
UBS Admission Test25%
Extra-Curricular Activities25%

To get more information on the fee structure and admission process, visit the website.


Business Analytics is emerging as an important part of the business world. It is growing at a fast pace and now plays a vital role in the working and management of a business. You can opt from the 4 types of business analytics and make a career in the same. 

If you want to pursue a course in this field, you can opt for a PGP in Data Science and Business Analytics and MS in Business Analytics from the Universal Business School (UBS) in collaboration with the University of Dallas. Enroll in the program now and get the best jobs in Business Analytics!


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