A wise man once said “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote has now proved to call it “online experiential learning.” This is the best quote I can say with respect to present conditions during Covid-19. An absolute true statement for anyone to live by, especially for all educators!

My journey to UBS with 45 months of work experience in the Automobile field and a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from B. R. Harne College of Engineering & Technology, Mumbai on my portfolio, I was quite confident on the day of my UBS interview. There was nothing that would stop me from going to UBS for my MBA degree. Finally, the day arrived and I was interviewed by the Chairman and Founder, Mr.Tarundeep Singh Anand of the Universal Business School. Everything went on a positive side for me and I was able to please him how MBA in Marketing specialization would help me. Luckily, one fine evening, I checked my email and I find a mail from UBS, congratulating me for my interview performance and it was like ” I closed my doors to the past, opened the door to the future, took a deep breath, stepped on through and started with a new chapter of my life”.

UBS’s flexibility towards Virtual Learning. No one can deny nowadays that we are living in a nightmare because of this big threat that turned our lives upside down. As a UBSian, I’m no longer able to get into the B-school and this actually breaks my heart, I was supposed to cherish every moment with my new friends since this is just a one year Global MBA Program. And my wish was fulfilled by UBS by introducing Virtual Learning. They provided us with the Virtual Lounge where we can interact with the professors and share our views we can sing, share shayaris, jokes just to know each other. “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.” this is the love from UBS which currently I feel. How things will go virtually scheduled was provided to me on my mail. I read through the instructions and prepared myself for the virtual platform.

How Covid-19 didn’t stop UBS from sharing the knowledge?

Instead of waiting for things “to get back to normal”, UBS’s are re-inventing a new MBA experience. The B- school organized webinars and classes, but students have taken it upon themselves to do more with group study and networking sessions as well as hangouts, all done virtually. Discussions are continued on WhatsApp groups—for the whole batch and for multiple interest groups. How I am keeping up with my lessons well my teachers are kind enough to send us every day the courses so we read them and if we have a question we can simply ask them on the Zoom App or via WhatsApp, even we are doing quizzes online. So now we are going through a hard time but we know “After the rain, there is always a rainbow”. This shift into virtual classrooms is the culmination of the past weeks’ efforts to prevent COVID-19 from entering into the UBS crowd.

UBS providing with Profile Building Programs and Industry Expert Webinars.

Though, online teaching and digital means are becoming the new normal for continuing with the academic schedule, UBS is providing us with a skill development program in collaboration with Harappa. Also, UBS is focusing on the upcoming market trends via introducing Data Analytics through KPMG and providing with real life projects, webinars and making us Industry ready.

Takeaway from Universal Business School

UBS has shared a platform for presenting our interpersonal skills, strategy thinking, entrepreneur skills via EXCOLEARN PVT LTD – a student driven company. A unique learning organization led by students to develop their business acumen. Also UBS has provided us with various clubs where we can show our leadership skills.

Tough times never last only tough people do Dr. Robert H. Schuller

What has impressed me most about the current situation, we are living through is the incredible solidarity, kindness, generosity, and creativity I have witnessed from the Professors throughout our global network. I’m amazed by how UBS have adapted to this situation, how UBS is accompanying the students through it and how UBS are reaching out to support each other!

  • By: Pranit Jagtap
  • Batch: PGDMFC15C


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