UBS has been a journey – of ecstatic experiential learning and personal growth

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A journey riddled with combinations of both challenges and aspirations is a journey worth adventuring.

UBS has been a journey – of ecstatic experiential learning and personal growth. It’s been months on this roller coaster ride that seems to be swaying at elevated levels of learning, studying and understanding with sparks of companionship and comradery sprinkled all over.

Needless to say, I feel elated right now. In essence, UBS has been giving me challenges to overcome every single day thereby making me more robust and tough for the world outside. A day will come when I will have to leave the proverbial nest and join the fray and it is evident that my teachers, peers and the institution is playing a major role in preparing me for it.

It has been a blast so far, from the soft-core nuanced communications with the staff here – to the spectacular and loud intermingling of my friends, everything seems to be headed towards a bright future, and I for one can’t wait to see what’s ahead!

I have started to introspect and grasp weaknesses within myself to turn them into strengths and become formidable. To sum it up, the experiences here, from focused studying to events and activities has so far pushed my limits – and I want to explore more of my potential. The sober environment me is shaping me into becoming a better version of myself.


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