UBS prepares students for the global business world – Learn How!


Today the rapidly changing corporate world demands much more than just classroom teaching. It not only needs young leaders to add value to the company but requires professionals who can begin contributing from the very first day. 

Today India is the home of more than hundreds of business schools, churning out professionals in abundance. Amidst all the competition, what can you bring to the table that will make you stand out from the crowd? Let us find out how Universal Business School is keeping up with the demands of the industry and establishing brand new standards in business education. 

Universal Business School – Inception, Vision and Mission! 

UBS has adopted a unique approach to the learning and teaching process among many business schools. There every step is a thoughtfully designed venture by the industrial experts. The entire experience is empowered by knowledge and expertise from all the CEOs who have enabled the inception of Universal Business School. 

The way they help young minds to grow and prepare them for the highly competitive corporate world is not like other colleges. Instead, a conscious effort is put into the student’s learning process, ensuring the discovery of their true potential. 

Their vision is to build leaders of tomorrow with utmost knowledge. From experiential learning to student clubs, the students are trained to add value to their workplace right from the first day. 

While you are at Universal Business School (UBS), you can network for jobs in various ways. You will have access to career fairs, meet possible employers face-to-face, seek out alumni in your dream industry, or meet a future co-founder in your cohort. The most extraordinary thing about UBS is that it has a lot of connections with CEOs who have excelled in their professions.

UBS can also put you in touch with some of the world’s most fantastic internship and job opportunities. 

Their global network is an added advantage for the students. Their courses are administered by top foreign universities, ensuring the best possible curriculum for their students. Adding to the educational experience, their extracurricular activities are planned to enhance the same. 

Programmes That Facilitate Global Standards In Education

Universal Business School hosts an array of interesting programmes that are monitored by top foreign universities. This association helps in giving students a global perspective on business management and gives them a significant edge over others. 

The Universities that are associated with UBS are:

  • Cardiff Metropolitan University UK
  • Swiss School Of Management, Italy
  • University of Economics, Bulgaria 
  • Lincoln University, USA
  • University Of Salamanca, Spain
  • University Of Dallas, USA
  • University of San Miguel, Mexico
  • Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago
  • INSEEC Business School, France

All the above mentioned universities are closely linked with UBS, enabling a curriculum with top-notch quality. Students explore a variety of aspects of their subjects that may not be available in India. Introducing international standards in its education system, UBS has redefined the entire experience of gaining knowledge. 

How is UBS different from other business schools?

The college not only prepares the students for the global business world but also empowers them with insightful knowledge. They are trained by industry experts, enabling them to add value to their jobs from the very beginning. 

The college hosts many renowned international faculty members for imparting knowledge to the leaders of tomorrow. 

The Diversity Policy of UBS is based on the premise that harnessing the various sorts of intelligence/capabilities that are accessible to us is a vital approach for organisational success. Working with people of various creeds, ethnicities, sex, race, castes, and nations have provided the Universal Business School with a diverse range of experiences and techniques for working, thinking, communicating, challenging, and leading. 

The school’s name, ‘Universal,’ was formed from these ideas. The college believes that diverse teams produce the greatest decisions because they can consider many points of view while making decisions.

Fixing the damaged rungs at the bottom of the poverty to wealth ladder is what economic empowerment entails. Every individual must be given the skills, resources, and confidence to take charge of their lives, reach their full potential, and take advantage of the liberalised economy’s chances. In these ‘interesting times,’ we at Universal will grow Human Capital to become the most valuable resource for solving the diverse difficulties that organisations face.

As mentioned in our pledge, Universal Business School is totally devoted to ensuring that tomorrow’s leaders are conscious of Corporate Social Responsibility, and the Environment, and are passionately committed to Ethical Practices in their personal and professional life.

UBS transforms mindsets and prepares students for jobs and life. Internal and external development to become a responsible leader of tomorrow. Come become a part of the UBS ecosystem and change your career for the better!


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