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All along our school days and growing-up years, we are always waiting for something to happen. For becoming an adult. For Friday to come. For falling in love. For summer. For monsoon. For rainbows. For making our dreams come true . For breaking Free. We were always hoping for something new, something better. We get this thrill in letting life blow our mind away in its flow, not knowing where the next turn starts. But well, “ Best things in life happen unexpectedly! ” I never got the depth and trueness of this phenomena of life until it struck me that I was springing around over the valley of my dreams, before I even realised .How I got there, was a strange story. But luckily I did.Some time back, I hadn’t thought of it in my wildest dreams. Just like any other fresh-out-of-high school-pampered-little-teenager, I was chirping in my own pink bubble, least bothered what on Earth was coming next. The much awaited and longed for college days, which we all dreamt as kids as the fancy haven of showing off and having fun were about to start. I had a sea of opportunities in front of me. But I just stared at it blankly. Generally if you give multiple options to someone, they get the pride and power to choose whatever is the best short cut to their success . It is easier to be just another face in the crowd . But I was different . With so many options, I would rather mix up every other choice with something more and come up with what might not be in the menu!! So, instead of thinking what to choose , which would be another endless discussion in my brain nerves, I started thinking what I, as an evolving mind, am actually looking for.

It made me ponder ..              According to what I was shown in movies and whitewashed media, college was all about smiles and fun and friends and laughter and parties and dancing and everything that makes us feel like we’ve “ grown ” now. It is about feeling free and bridging the gap between our naive childhood and passionate new life . But then , how many of us are actually “ growing up ” or breaking “ free ” from our walls in this transitional phase of life ?I realised , growing old is implied ,  but growing up is optional .This phase is a stepping stone to a whole new you… where we finally come out of our training course for life and enter the real field. Now is the time your shielding shell is opened up to show you a whole new world out there . To give you a reality check. Rather than make you more allured with a fascinating but blinding glamour of a materialistic life .I realised I do not have to choose the best college building standing in town , but the best metamorphosing platform . To go through my own metamorphosis . As young lively adolescents , we are sharp. We are smart. We are quick witted . We are inventive. We are ahead of our time . And so shall our milestones be . An unexpected turning point in search of that milestone , landed me at Universal Business School , a platform granting that metamorphosis to hundreds of students from all over the world, everyday.

What made this point a niche in my changing life, was not its 50 acre campus amidst lush and rich emerald coloured mountains covered with a white sheen of clouds and rainbows all throughout the year , or the fact that it has been Endorsed by 60 leading Indian and Multinational CEO’s and driven by 30 Industry Senators  , or the World class faculty from Stanford, Anderson (UCLA), Michigan, INSEAD, SP Jain, JBIMS and IIM’s , or having the 1st in Asia – Thomson Reuters Trading Room , or being declared as the ‘5 STAR UNIVERSITY’ by INDIA TODAY for Best Infrastructure in India – Built by American Architects who have built Columbia Univ., Cornell Univ. & NYU Stern , or being Ranked in the Top 4 Pvt. B-Schools in Mumbai by Careers360 (2015) & IBJ (2014) and 7th by Times of India (2015) and  Top 4 – Truly Global B-Schools in India by TOI , or being the First Indian B-School to give an AICTE Approved International Graduate and MBA Degree from Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK in India approved by QAA, and UK.

But what made it truly unique was beyond its accolades . It was its ability to give true justice to it’s punchline “transforming lives” and proving itself as the most promising platform for people , through its endeavours  & way of execution. After all, results speak for themselves.It made me realize that there is much more to college life than just a change . It is about climbing the ladder and unlocking the best version of your self . And I can proudly say, UBS transfigures us with those updated tools, to get that upgraded version of you.Recently , htcampus.com had an education fair where academic experts from all corners of the world  were present to grace students with their opinions on education . Mr. Tarun Singh Anand, Founder of Universal Business School , ( also the Global Head of Strategy and Head of Sales, Asia Pacific at FXMARKETSPACE ) , kicked off the session with insights into lessons and his own experiences that students can relate to in today’s ever changing world.“Instead of going after the conventional options, take up the road less-travelled because that’s where the chances of success are high,” he said. “People avoid taking risks due to fear of failure but failing is an important aspect of the learning process. When you take risks, you tend to put more effort.” Don’t just rely on text books. Start thinking because that’s when you actually start learning,” he said. And once again , he out-shined a number of students with his fully brimmed knowledge and captivating words.We go about choosing a big name to connect with , only to be a small fish in the big sea. But here at UBS, I ended up being the big fish in a big sea. There are some schools that teach you how to fit in . And there are some , which teach you how to stand out!
– Harshita Saraogi


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