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Accomplishing your goals, beginning your dream career, living a luxurious life, and raising your family, everything starts from school and college.

Colleges are not meant only for learning, acquiring degrees and certifications, and then grabbing highly-rewarding jobs in the placement sessions. Colleges teach you to manage and complete your daily chores. 

For every student, opening the gates of top-notch colleges is like a dream. The college contributes to every student’s intellectual and social growth. Getting admission to first-rate colleges is not important, but what you learn from your college life would be beneficial for you for a lifetime. 

At UBS, Indian’s First Environmental-friendly Business School, you’re not surrounded by monuments and skyscrapers; you connect with our mother earth and natural ecosystem. By joining Universal Business School, you’ll understand ‘’This World Is Limitless, You Just Have To Unleash Your Possibilities.’’

A Brief Overview Of The Roles Of Colleges In Students’ Lives

Students Understand About Financial FreedomAnd Security

You might have realized as soon as students enter into colleges, they thrive to earn their pocket money and getting financially independent. Yes, that’s true; after completing your degree and post-graduation, students bag internships and land up their dream job. 

Students understand the meaning of financial independence; this is what taught by colleges. Colleges don’t play the role of just educating students, but they take them closer to their life goals. 

Students Realize The Importance Of Family And Their Love

Some parents send their children to different cities and even countries for masters and graduations. This is the period where students come out of their comfort zone and get away from the parents. 

Colleges are all about motivating students to complete their daily chores and getting closer to their dreams. But, students feel a deeper connection with their parents and friends. For understanding this connection, college plays a very significant role.

Yes, for every student the life goals are essential, but nothing comes above the family. If you’re reading this, you can understand how better perspective your college gave you of your family. 

How Will Be The Student Life At Universal Business School (UBS)?

  • Universal Business School believes in following an 80% experiential learning model. Here, students learn not only to pursue his/her dreams but follow his/her passion and interests. By studying at UBS, students experience exciting, fascinating, and truly enriching learning experiences. 
  • At UBS, students are constantly surrounded by learning and entertainment clubs. From participating in workshops to become a part of student clubs, students are always surrounded with things to help them accomplish their dreams. 
  • Here, students don’t become qualified and certified; they are transformed into industry-ready professionals. Every day when students are waking up behind the hills of Karjat, they are learning something new and life-changing. 
  • As Universal Business School (UBS) is located beside the Karjat Hills, students have the freedom of rejuvenating their minds and adopt green thinking during and after the classes. 

What Can You Expect From The Campus Of Universal Business School (UBS)?

Universal Business School is one of the rarest types of business institutes situated in the lap of nature. India Today Magazine rated FIVE STARS to the campus of UBS. Let’s take a glance at the campus of UBS. 

  • UBS offers a fascinating campus equipped with world-class infrastructure for allowing students to build friendships, determine personal interests, and succeed academically. The entire campus is surrounded by endless entertainment and learning ‘STUDENT CLUBS’ for the betterment of pupils. 
  • The primary academic block is situated in the heart of the entire campus, where every room is air-conditioned and disinfected every day. UBS is flourished in 40 acres of land where 16 acres is just for recreational purposes and helping students to adopt green thinking. 
  • The student accommodation is either mountain facing or campus facing with all the basic amenities provided by UBS. Students also have the freedom to live freely without sharing personal space with other mates.

Living in the UBS plush green campus delivers an impressive and rejuvenating experience because students are surrounded by Karjat hills and Karjat valley. 

How Universal Business School (UBS) Is Providing Best To The Pupils?

  • Green Campus

UBS is spread in the 40 acres of land, which is surrounded only by mountains and valleys. This helps students adopt green thinking and rejuvenate their minds and soul. 

  • Get Assistance From 60+ Global CEOs

Nearly 60 global CEOs are backing UBS and also becoming official partners of this organization. UBS is built to give industry-ready managers to the industries. 

  • Advanced Experiential Learning Model (Very Important)

Our training patterns follow an international curriculum based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. Don’t FORGET; AI is the future of all industries. 

  • Learn Critical Skills

At UBS, budding management professionals learn countless critical skills like resilience, problem-solving, agility, leadership, and easing complexity. 

Want To Study In The Lap Of Nature And Get Closer To Your Goals? UBS Welcomes You!

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, UBS ensures no academic programs are closed or not! Believe it or not, all the internationally recognized UG & PG programs are still available for you to pursue even in this global crisis. 

Become the pupil of UBS and get leadership lessons from successful and global CEOs.


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