What Are The Key Differences Between An Mba And A Pgdm Program?


The management sector collectively holds all the other sectors be it industrial or educational or whatever in its tight hold as all sectors require systematic maneuver and management for positive advancement. Every company comprises an individual team dedicated to focusing on management processes such as scheduling company work procedures, maintaining segmented records of all data, checking the proceedings of the company as scheduled, and so on.

As management skills are considered the most required skills in any student when hired, a separate educational facet has been idealized with exclusive management courses. BBA, MBA, and PGDM programs are a few of the management courses which are popular among the student community of the present decade.

While BBA is an undergraduate degree, MBA and PGDM are two different postgraduate management degrees that have their own specifically designed course patterns. This article will be a guide to knowing more about MBA and PGDM and along the way provide ideas about the difference between PGDM and MBA.

What is the MBA and PGDM program?

First of all, get to know the MBA PGDM full form. MBA stands for Master of Business Administration whereas PGDM stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Management. Both MBA and PGDM are postgraduate management courses available for students who aspire to establish a strong career in the management field.

MBA is one of the sought-after postgraduate courses which can be pursued by undergraduate pass-outs from any stream. MBA course focuses on inculcating managerial skills in the students and preparing them to handle any business entity with their managerial skills. MBA course entirely loads the theoretical knowledge about management in the students and incorporates a detailed outlay of management tactics and techniques.

On the other hand, PGDM is also one of the postgraduate management courses that educate management skills graduates from any discipline. 

The PGDM course also concentrates on inculcating many management skills, such as leadership, communication, business analytics, business planning, team management, project management, operation, financial management, etc., into future management sector professionals. The ultimate shift of PGDM from MBA is it educates management skills on a practical level rather than by using theoretical approaches.

We at Universal Business School, Mumbai provide both MBA and PGDM courses with different specialties for students from various educational backgrounds.
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Key differences between an MBA and a PGDM program:

Both MBA PGDM course exhibit their own supremacy in the management job sector yet they possess key differences few of which is tabulated below:

Degree/courseMBA is a postgraduate degree as it is provided by educational institutions that are affiliated to UGC.PGDM is a postgraduate diploma course as it is provided by individual business schools that are not affiliated with UGC.
Course curriculumMBA course curriculum focuses on providing in-depth theoretical knowledge in management background.The PGDM course curriculum concentrates on providing in-field practical experience in various business situations.

Course syllabusMBA course syllabus involves finance, marketing, HR management, economics, and much more. The syllabus gets updated only on a yearly basis with approval from UGC.PGDM course syllabus includes the same as that of the MBA but the syllabus is upgraded frequently based on the necessity irrespective of any approvals.
Accreditation MBA degrees are accredited by the University Grants Commission(UGC).PGDM courses are accredited by the All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE).
Job scopeMBA graduates are provided with managerial roles on the basic level considering their theoretical knowledge.PGDM graduates get better job opportunities compared to MBA as they are enriched with practical management training during the course.

Is PGDM equivalent to MBA?

The most common query among students who wish to pursue management studies post-graduation is whether PGDM and MBA are equivalent. 

Yes, PGDM is equivalent to MBA but not equal. Here are certain points that justify the before statement:

  • Both PGDM and MBA are postgraduate management courses. But, PGDM courses are provided only by individual business schools like Universal Business School whereas MBA is provided by the government and private colleges and universities.
  • As PGDM is provided by institutes that are not affiliated it cannot be a degree but just a diploma course whereas MBA is a postgraduate degree provided by colleges and universities in affiliation with UGC.
Source: (great lakes.edu.in)
  • Pursuing a PGDM or MBA will earn management job roles but the methodology of education will differ between PGDM and MBA.

We at Universal Business School, one of the AICTE approved colleges for PGDM provide exclusive PGDM courses with frequently updated course curricula thus preparing students for managerial roles of higher standards.
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MBA and PGDM Which is better?

As both MBA and PGDM are postgraduate courses, there is a question of which is better.

Both MBA and PGDM have advantages in the management sector. Based on the requirement of the candidate, an MBA or PGDM should be considered. 

If the candidate is a working professional and requires to pursue a postgraduate management course for promotion in the job, then it would be better for them to pursue PGDM as it inculcates management concepts and techniques on practical grounds which will be very helpful from the job point of view. In this case, PGDM is better than MBA.

On the flip side, if the candidate is aspiring to establish a business then it is very important to learn management skills from scratch which will be ensured in an MBA degree via theoretical management training. Considering this case, MBA is better than PGDM.

Discussing in terms of jobs, both MBA and PGDM offer exclusive job opportunities at established companies like TCS, Infosys, Capgemini, etc with higher pay scales. Here is a graph that depicts the average payscale of MBA/PGDM graduates in various companies:

Source: (reviewadda.com)

MBA courses provided at Universal Business School:

We at Universal Business School, Mumbai MBA courses of different standards as mentioned below:

MBA Courses at UBSSpecializations availableDuration
Global MBA( 2 continents, 3 business schools)Marketing/ finance/ human resources/ logistics & supply chain/ business analytics1 year
International MBA(Spanish)Business management/ family business management1 year
Executive MBA- Cardiff Met, UKMarketing/ finance/ human resources/ business analytics1 year
Executive MBA- Swiss School of Management, Italy Global management & leadership/ entrepreneurship/ luxury management2 years
Global blended MBAMarketing management/ human resources management/ operations management1 year

PGDM courses provided at Universal Business School:

Universal Business School, Mumbai being one of the AICTE approved colleges for PGDM provide the following PGDM-courses:

PGDM courses at UBSSpecializations availableDuration 
PGDM(General)Human resources/ finance/ operations or international supply chain management/ marketing2 years
PGDM(Foreign Collaboration- Cardiff Met, UK)Marketing/ finance/ human resources/ project management/ product management/ health sector management/ general management2 years
PGDM+GMP(UK)Business management2 years
PGDM+GMP(France/ Italy/ Spain/ USA/ Bulgaria)International Management2 years
PGDM (Business Design & Innovation)Marketing/ finance/ operations/ human resources2 years
PGDM- AIMAMarketing management/ human resources management/ operations management/ financial management/ international business/ information systems2 years

Why choose UBS for any management course?

Pursuing the right course at the right platform is very important for a successful career. Universal Business School stands the best in providing management courses for students. Here are some reasons to consider UBS for your management studies:

  • One of the best PGDM colleges in Maharashtra.
  • Has been awarded as a ‘Top Management Institute’ in Times B-School Survey in 2021.
  • India’s first Green Business School, which is endorsed by 60 CEOs.
  • Leadership lessons from global CEOs and business leaders.
  • STEM-infused MBA curriculum focussed on future technologies.
  • 80% practical learning in 100% residential programs.
  • Provides 8 Internationally accredited international programs.
  • Partners with top universities and colleges in the UK, USA, France, and Bulgaria.
  • Placement tie-ups with 300+ global companies.


Be it any course, MBA or PGDM, both management courses have enormous job scopes. Students who aspire to build a strong successful career in the management sector can pursue either MBA or PGDM depending upon their educational backgrounds and job necessities. Whatever courses a student chooses to pursue, it is very important to be cautious while choosing the college. 

Research, analyze, and decide the best college and pursue your dream course with full dedication and emerge with flying colors.


  1. Are entrance exams common for both MBA and PGDM?

Yes, the entrance exams are common for both MBA and PGDM. Some of the entrance exams are CAT, GMAT, CET, and  CMAT.

  1. Is it compulsory to clear entrance exams for admission to MBA/PGDM?

No, it depends on the college to which the student seeks admission. Well-renowned business schools like UBS consider entrance exams for admission.

  1. Can students pursue two MBA courses simultaneously?

No, the students cannot pursue two MBA courses simultaneously but can pursue one after another.

  1. Who are the top recruiters of management graduates?

Companies like TCS, Wipro, Capgemini, Microsoft, and so on are the top recruiters of management graduates.

  1. Does PGDM have a job scope abroad?

Yes, PGDM has job scope abroad as it includes a practical version of management studies which is highly demanded in multinational companies abroad.