What to expect from an International MBA program?


The International MBA program is one of many MBA degree programs available today that prepare graduates for the actual world of business. It’s crucial to distinguish between one type of program and another if you’re evaluating several globally focused MBA programs in order to attain your degree. This Blogpost will help you to enroll in the proper curriculum that is being taught in the appropriate environment. 

What is an international MBA?

It is a full-time program offered at one or more international business schools that collaborate to rotate the student body and immerse them in various cultural contexts around the globe. Some of the programs will provide both domestic and foreign coursework. Students can learn about international business processes by studying material outside their local country.

Why an international MBA?

All MBA programs are meant to assist students in acquiring a wide skill set that will help them to have successful leadership roles in businesses. If you were to enroll in an international MBA program, the course material would be more focused on assisting students in understanding the worldwide difficulties that firms, not simply those operating domestically, confront. To accomplish this, many of the programs emphasize many cultures and nations.

What to expect from an International MBA program

The opportunity to take part in international business endeavors will grow along with communication across international borders. A Master of Business Administration in International Business might help you if you wish to take advantage of the chances in the industry. You can acquire a broad grounding in both business and global company management with the help of this flexible degree.

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Graduates of MBA programs in international business can find a variety of rewarding jobs in both the public and private sectors of the global economy.

  1. International sales manager

The company’s global sales of goods and services are maintained by international sales managers, who also develop rigorous strategies and tactics to draw in and influence international customers. This role requires supervising tasks.

  1. Global Marketing Director
    You would carry out comprehensive international market strategies for businesses, especially multinational corporations, in your capacity as global marketing director. The incumbent of this position is in charge of organizing and carrying out a company’s marketing objectives.
  1. Risk management director
    The risk management director monitors a company’s policies and practices to make sure they adhere to all applicable local, state, and federal laws as well as internal and external auditing requirements.
  1. International logistics coordinator
    This coordinator handles the storage, distribution, forecasting, and customer service needs of multinational organizations. In the course of daily operations, a coordinator may also oversee the logistics and human resources departments.
  1. International trade compliance manager
    You will oversee your company’s compliance with all applicable international trade legislation in your capacity in this job role. Professionals in this field should be professionals in logistics, international law, and both home and foreign trading practices.
  1. Brand and product development coordinator

 The responsibilities of brand and product development coordinators are varied. These experts frequently have to decide on the right costs and packaging for a good or service. They might design advertising campaigns and promotions as well. 

Salary of an International MBA Graduate

The salary of an international MBA graduate varies according to the college and organization you choose to work with. But international MBA students have more opportunities as compared to general MBA students. The salary of a global MBA varies from 4 lakh- 32 lakhs.

Universal Business School

UBS is one of the top MBA in international business colleges. The curriculum offered by UBS is internationally recognized and filled with global thinking. UBS has partnered with top universities around the world to offer management undergraduate and postgraduate programs. 

UBS believes in practical learning and during the course, Students get the chance to interact with global CEOs and CXOs. As a student of UBS, you will also get the chance to be a member of the global alumni network of more than 100 countries.

UBS offers various international MBA courses– International MBA, Global MBA, BBA+ MBA integrated program, and PGDM.

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Eligibility for MBA in International Business

  • Students must have passed BBA, BSC, BA (Eco/stats), or equivalent diploma.
  • Knowledge of English and Spanish language (Minimum level of B2) is required for this course. Students who do not speak Spanish can request a 4-week Spanish language course at UBS. The charges for the Spanish course will be 30,000 Rs. And is not included in the academic program.

Course duration

This is a one-year course divided into two semesters, one semester you have to spend in Spain at the University of Salamanca campus and one semester in India at the UBS campus. 6 months in India will also include an internship.


The business world is growing so is the demand for trained professionals in every field. And if you are one who is seeking to make a successful career in multinational companies or abroad. You should get yourself registered for an international MBA program at UBS and take your career to a new horizon.


  1.  Is an international MBA a good degree?

Most of the students who pursue an international MBA have prior work experience and to boost their career graph in terms of job role and salary package they choose an international MBA. So yes it’s a good degree. And even if you do not have work experience you can pursue this course and can avail global employment opportunities.

  1.  What are global MBA subjects?

Accounting and managerial finance, Research Methodology, Marketing & business environment, strategic management, leadership, and an international language are the subjects of a global MBA.

  1.  What jobs can I get after MBA in international business?

Top job profiles in international business are export coordinator, export manager, international business development manager, government affairs director, administrative service manager, etc.

  1.  Does a foreign MBA have value in India?

Yes, an MBA from outside of India is okay because it offers better perks including higher average pay. After studying for your MBA abroad, you’ll have a variety of work options.

  1.  Which are the important MBA in international business subjects?

Entrepreneurship, business statistics, leadership development, human resource management, corporate ethics & governance, and fundamentals of international management are some of the essential subjects of an MBA in international business.