Where there is culture there is art


Culture comes from the Latin word “cultura”, which means “to occupy, develop, or respect.” Culture, in general, applies to human behaviour; various definitions reflect various ideologies or criteria for valuing human effort.

They consider this ability to be a distinctive quality of humans. Individuals situated in various areas have diverse cultures since culture is learnt.

The arts are a broad category of culture that covers a wide range of artistic undertakings and professions. It’s a wide category unlike “art,” which refers primarily to the visual arts when used to describe a sector. Visual arts, performing arts and literary arts – such as musical, theatre, dancing, oral poetic performance, and cinema – are all included in the arts.

Art is the representation of imagination or creativity in its broadest terms. Art comes from the Latin word ars, which roughly translates to “arrangement.” Art is defined as the process of creating works that are inspired by human creativity and have meaning beyond mere explanation. Crafts and leisure hobby activities are frequently divided from art.

Talking about art, since the pandemic, I got into anime. I started my weeb journey with the anime called “Kiki’s Delivery Service”, which is one of the Studio Ghibli films released in

1989, and the animation was mind-blowing. Kiki’s Delivery Service made me watch more Studio Ghibli films. It gave aesthetically pleasing visuals and mind-blowing stories. Anime is a piece of art created by authors and directors.

Since we are talking about Art, let’s not forget about William Shakespeare and his creations like Macbeth, The Tempest, Romeo and Juliet, Merchant of Venice and Hamlet. His works were mostly about love, life, death, mystery, murder and magic. Which portrays he had a high power of imagination.

Whenever we talk about Art, some of us always focus on the visuals, like it’s definitely about the visuals but why don’t we just take a moment and think or try to figure out what’s the meaning behind it or what made the artist come up with something like this.

Whenever we see butterflies we just focus on the fact that how pretty it

is but butterflies symbolise rebirth and resurrection.

BTS, one of the famous Korean boy band wrote a song named “butterfly”, they composed it with

the hope of expressing the fear of losing someone by using a butterfly as a metaphor.

It’s designed to reflect the reality that if you don’t pay attention, you can lose anything and anybody at any time. But it appears to be mostly a dread of losing someone who provides you so much joy. There’s also a suggestion of attempting to save someone before they do something they’ll regret or won’t be able to undo

The music itself is an art, created by the artist’s imagination. The artists romanticize everything and come up with the best. If I keep talking about music then the blog would probably never end.

Since we’re talking about music, here are some artists who have broken records

with their art. And have you ever thought why do we listen to them, I mean yes it’s obviously because we like their work but we understand what exactly they are coming for and their creativity Art is not only about the paintings and the visuals it is about the story and the imagination behind it.

Well arts and culture both goes hand in hand one is incomplete without the other.

Culture  circles around ethnicity, people, beliefs, tradition, diversity and nation.

Social norms, ethical values, traditional rituals, religious systems, political systems, artefacts, and technology that originated in or are linked with the ethnolinguistically varied Indian subcontinent constitute Indian culture.

Beyond India, the word refers to nations and cultures with strong ties to India due to immigration, colonisation, or influence, notably in South Asia and Southeast Asia. The languages, religions, dancing, music, architecture, food, and customs of India vary from region to region.

Bengali’s have Bengali new year called “Poila Baishak” and Durga pujas with its famous sweet “roshogolla” and its famous fish curry, and we don’t debate on that because I am a Bengali. Whereas the Punjabi’s have Lohri and they have their famous mint parathas, lassi and chicken tikkas. The South Indians have Pongal and their famous dishes are masala dosa, Hyderabadi biriyani and paal payasam.

After joining Universal Business School, I understood what culture is. I got to see  so many people from different places and their different ways of approach.

Culture is not only about the language, food and festivals it’s also about the way we dress, values, techniques and skills, rituals, knowledge and stories and the greater community.

As a student of Universal Business School and a member of the arts and culture club, I was able to experience all of it. And joining Arts and Culture Club was probably one of the best decisions.

Arts and Culture club has never failed to keep the students entertained with their events.

The first event they conducted was “The Filmy Leela”, where the participants formed a group and made a film on topics like parental love and affection, toxic relationship, social media addiction, curiosity and diversity, stereotyped society and peer pressure. This event covered the base of arts and culture

The next event was “Rock Feast” well it was a hit we had people perform band and it felt like a concert. It was an event all the students needed after all the stress of studies. Since we are in a pandemic experiencing a concert is next to impossible.

As an Army, I am eagerly waiting for a BTS concert in India but, I got to experience some type of concert with all the lights and loud music.

Then the last event we had was “The Prom Night”, imagine having a prom in India, only UBS can relate. We asked the students to get a partner for themselves to bring them along and they did. We had a lot of games, a confession box, good food, good music, a photo booth and of course a good host. We also conduct various dance workshops.

Our club is looking forward to a lot of events and progress in mind  in future

UBS has a lot of clubs, and events are conducted frequently we don’t give the students a chance to get bored during weekends. UBS has a policy of “work hard and party harder”. We had ELC Dawat where all the clubs prepared food, a food feast. We also have a lot of projects and since UBS’s catchy part is the greenery we also have an environmental club.

College might get stressful sometimes, but UBS always tries their best to keep the students entertained and bring the best out of them. It gives chance to every single student to show their art with a pinch of culture in it.

Sayantani Bhattacharjee

Member of ARTS and CULTURE  club

Student at Universal Business School


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