Which Global Undergraduate Degree Is Right For You?


With the board exams of this year almost at its conclusion, the majority of students are now thinking about the next step in their academic journey. While doing this, they are bound to have questions, which include: 

  • Which college should I apply to? 
  • Which undergraduate programs should I pursue? 
  • Which business school will take me closer to achieving my professional goals?

Well, we are sure you might have similar questions. To help you make a well-informed decision regarding your next global undergraduate programs, we have listed down three options for you. This list consists of globally and professionally-relevant programs designed carefully to develop you into well-rounded managers to excel in the modern business world. Let’s get started. 

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) 

A 3-year professional undergraduate course in business management, BBA is a preferred degree among students who aim to pursue managerial roles in the future. The reason behind the rising popularity for this degree is due to the host of career options you get after completing the degree. These options include major job profiles like Finance Manager, HR Manager, Marketing Manager, and even a Business Consultant, among others. Moreover, the demand for students with a degree is high across various sectors, including Marketing, Sales, Education, Finance, Trade, etc. Depending on the sector you choose, your average starting salary would be around 4-5 LPA. 

At UBS, we aim to ensure our students are ready for the competitive industry backed with in-depth knowledge and understanding specific to their subject of interest, along with cognitive skills, and practical and professional skills. As we follow the UK Quality Assurance Agency guidelines, by completing your BBA degree with us, you will receive a strong practical and professional orientation that will differentiate you from other students. Moreover, you can choose to complete your final year at CardiffMet, UK and attend your convocation day there! 


The ideal course of education for most students is to complete a BBA degree for three years and then opt for an MBA for another two years. However, another degree that is being preferred in recent times is BBA + MBA. This course focuses on cultivated well-rounded business professionals from different branches. There is a lot of demand for students who complete these courses, as they are considered to be ‘industry-ready’ with the requisite managerial skills. Moreover, this course is widely popular as it not only enhances your business skills but will also give you valuable expertise in the field of your choice.

In most cases, this degree takes around five years for completion, so you might be wondering why you should choose this degree instead of simply first completing your BBA and then MBA. Well, at UBS, you can complete the entire course in just four years and get a head-start on your career! Additionally, you get the advantage of being endorsed by 60 CEOs with over 250 companies, who are all part of the UBS family.

Moreover, if you’re looking to pursue a global BBA+MBA degree, at UBS we provide a globally recognized curriculum, which is certified by the British Council. Hence, a degree completed with UBS is equivalent to a degree you get from any leading British University. We aim to impart practical knowledge that helps our students develop the skills needed to survive in the modern business world. Moreover, as all our faculty are approved by the Cardiff Met. University, we ensure global standards are met and you get the complete value of the degree. Once you graduate from UBS, you’re sure to be equipped with relevant knowledge to tackle all types of management problems.

BA (Hons) in Business + Liberal Arts/Economics/Sports/Design Business Analytics

In today’s competitive world, just having a sound sense of business management isn’t enough to succeed. Be it solving problems, or creating strategies, a touch of creativity is crucial. This is why students who graduate with a BA (Hons) degree are in high demand. These students ideally focus on business management studies, while learning about a specialization, which includes liberal arts, economics, sports, designs, and even analytics.

At UBS, we believe that by opting for this degree, you can become a well-informed leader, with a plethora of career options, in the business management, liberal arts, or both! By completing this degree, you will have an enhanced sense of self-awareness and have a better understanding of business issues, along with your role in the society around you. This degree will help you cultivate more creative and innovative thinking, which is caused due to the exchange of ideas from different fields and industries. Moreover, by studying liberal arts, you will be able to expand the capacity of your mind to think critically and analyze the information presented to you effectively. You will also be able to excel in communication, verbally and written, which is a critical skill for every individual looking to build a successful career in management.

If you complete your degree at UBS, you are sure to improve your critical thinking skills as we help you to look at problems in different ways. Moreover,  we provide 80% practical learning in our curriculum and ensure you have all the skills required to excel not only in the business management field but others as well.

Take The First Step, Contact UBS Today!

Now that you’ve learned about the benefits of each degree, you’ve undoubtedly come closer to determining which route you want to take. Regardless of the course you choose, if you are looking to build a successful career amidst the cut-throat competition, UBS has got your back. Contact us to take the first step towards a bright future today!


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