Why Experiential Learning is Required for Management Professionals and How UBS is Offering It?


The corporate world is developing rapidly. The moment there is any change in consumer needs and circumstances, industries start changing their approach. This fast-paced industrialization needs professionals who can adapt to the rapidly changing scenario. 

Businesses today are looking for employees who can enable the changes and add value to the organisation from the beginning. Thus, it has become important to gain knowledge on every aspect of the business and execute processes as well. 

How do you achieve such holistic education and become ready to face the most competitive world? From where?

We have a good suggestion for you; we will bring you all the reasons and facts to help you make your decision.

Universal Business School (UBS) is one of the most recognised educational institutions in India. It has been one of the pioneers to introduce the concept of global management programs. 

The UBS programs are designed carefully by industry experts and globally acclaimed universities. These have been uniquely crafted for young minds and also to perfectly match the needs of today’s competitive world. 

Universal Business School has partnered with some of the most prestigious foreign universities that ensures global exposure. At UBS, tremendous importance is given to gaining a global perspective on various topics related to business and management. 

The globally recognized programs help the students to gain an edge over others in the world of business. The students become aware of the various practices of businesses in foreign countries as well. This knowledge is useful to introduce changes in a business’s existing processes that could help the business grow and achieve more success. The curriculum involves different types of learning to ensure a balance between theoretical and practical knowledge. 

UBS And Its Global Associations

UBS is associated with Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK. Cardiff Met. University is known for its futuristic programs and teaching excellence. It has been pioneering top-notch education for 200 years now with globally recognised faculty members and infrastructure, enabling students to discover their true potential. 

Many internationally acclaimed features of the college catches the attention of the aspiring professionals. For example,  UBS is one of the first colleges to introduce the World Trading Room  in India where students can actually learn about how the world of stock market works. Learn everything about Stocks, Bonds, Commodities & Currencies in real time as a professional trader. This is Asia’s first Thomson Reuters Trading Room that helps students get an experience of a lifetime. 

Along with Cardiff Met. University, 7 other universities known for their educational practices, are also associated with UBS to deliver international level management studies. 

The 7 Foreign Universities that have also partnered with UBS are:

Swiss School of Management, Italy

University of Economics, Bulgaria

Lincoln University, USA 

University of Salamanca, Spain

University of Dallas, USA

University of San Miguel, Mexico

Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago

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Student Exchange Programs – Enabling Brighter Future! 

At UBS, students can apply for a Student Exchange Study Abroad Option. This exchange program is 3 months long and students are selected based on merit and communication skills which are decided according to the respective universities guidelines. 

However, this can be done after completing 12 months in UBS. The tenure of the program and the topics to be covered will completely depend on the host university. A certificate of completion will be rewarded to the students. The cost will vary depending on the university and the student’s lifestyle. 

As of now, 28 universities are offering the student exchange program, like the University of Cologne, Germany, Alba Business School, Greece, Moscow International Higher Business School, Russia- for the full list get in here!

You too can be a part of the program and give your career the global boost that it deserves. We believe it would be a golden opportunity for you in terms of pragmatic learning and lifting your bio-data to a different level as well.  

Experiential Learning At Its Best By Universal Business School!

UBS took the initiative to make learning more fruitful for its students by introducing Experiential Learning Corporation. It was formed by Mr. Tarun Anand, the Chief Evangelist, Managing Director and the Founder of Universal Business School.

 His vision was to empower students with knowledge in a way that prepares them thoroughly for their future endeavours. He wanted the students to build and run a business where they constantly learn the science and technology of management and put it all into practice as well. 

The entire concept was to make the students understand how the real world of business works. The founder believed that management studies cannot be learnt in a classroom setting alone. It has to spread beyond the classroom. This game-changing method involved all the practices like promotion and termination on the basis of performances, creating modules and more. 

On September 7, 2016, Excolearn Pvt. Ltd came into existence and transformed ELC into a private limited company and thriving enterprise. 

ELC became a formal and real setting that gave students the opportunity to experience real business practices. Right from a panel interview, promotions, organisation structure and many other practices were given importance and taken seriously. 

The benefits of students joining ELC are endless. Some of the major ones are:

  • Working closely with a multinational CEO and understanding the best practices. 
  • An opportunity to work for a company while continuing your education. 
  • Understanding and preparing for the various roles in a company. 
  • A chance to get a recommendation for future endeavours. 
  • Lifelong ownership of shares in the company will help to secure the future financially. 
  • Becoming a part of a full-fledged company and contributing to its growth and success could add value to your resume. 
  • Hands-on experience of all the aspects involved in a business, from managerial skills,  finance handling skills, and leadership skills, everything can be learnt. 
  • Gain financially by investing in the same company. 

The alumni of UBS are doing their best in their careers because of experiential learning. They are adding value from the beginning and are now at some of the most crucial designations in the companies like EY, Deloitte and Thomson Reuters. Just to give an example, Amritpal Singh Bedi became an analyst at Deloitte in 2018. 

Many are now successful entrepreneurs or at managerial levels in companies like Byju’s, Group M, J.P. Morgan and more. 

If you are looking for an Institution that will help you correctly start your career and enable you to reach newer heights of success, UBS is the right choice! 


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