Why is Experiential Learning preferred over any other style? Read More To Know It All!


In this dynamic and ever-changing world, children born in the late 20th century have many highly rewarding career options for accomplishing their dreams.

Online classes and internships are becoming easy for students to become industry-ready leaders and follow the latest trends. Thus, Under Graduation and Post Graduation has become a favourable career option for management aspirants, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic period.

Do you know why all programs are grabbing the attention of management aspirants? The reason is ‘’EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING’’ which is adopted in many business schools. Management institutes are integrating new learning techniques to transform students into industry-ready managers.

Experiential learning is based on practical knowledge that entails what has dominated the education industry since the Industrial Revolution. ‘’The process of learning through experience’’ is the definition of experiential learning that involves self-assessment, self-initiative, and hands-on training.

The majority of management courses are based on experiential learning; today, we’ll mainly talk about the experiential UG & PG courses offered by Universal Business School. Let’s get started.

Pursue Courses Based On Experiential Learning at UBS

Universal Business School is India’s first Green School located near the Karjat valley, where experiential learning is taken to the next level. Students interested in learning UG and PG courses are offered the first-rate knowledge of coping with the day-to-day challenges after becoming an MBA graduate.

Believe it or not, every course offered by UBS is based on experiential learning styles where students get familiar with real-life situations where students’ knowledge, emotions, and skills are tested. Experiential learning makes them problem-solvers which is the necessity of succeeding in the corporate world.

UBS believes in the latest learning technologies like Case Studies, Industry Consultation, Shadow Techniques, International University Collaboration, and Experiential learning projects.

MBA, BBA, PGDM, MBA+BBA, and Global MBA are the programs offered by UBS which are thoroughly based on experiential learning. Industry Consultation is provided by 100+ CEOs and business leaders for sharing business insights with the students.

Why Is Experiential Learning Essential For The students?

With experiential learning, you’re acquiring knowledge through real-time experience. David Kolb is an experienced psychologist who first proposed experiential learning worldwide.

Let’s understand the components of experiential learning style.

In the experiential learning style, students acquire knowledge and processes in two different ways:

  • Real-life experience
  • Abstract Conceptualization (Very Important)

Experiential learning is becoming far more essential and common in business schools and management institutes across the globe. Universal Business School (UBS) engages students in experiential learning through different activities like student clubs, project-based learning, study tours, and project-based learning.

Several techniques like Case Study Method, Shadow Techniques, Simulations, Experimentations, Industry Consultation and Experiential Learning Projects are used for better understanding and better application.

What Are The Key Advantages Of Experiential Learning?

Over the years, experiential learning has proven to be beneficial for many business schools and management institutes. Here, we’re mentioning the advantages of this learning style.

Prepare the students for the professional challenges

Students are given real projects that ensure that they face challenges that they will encounter in the real world. From time management to come up with quick decisions, each skill is tested. Students often struggle to understand the concepts that don’t relate to the ‘’real world.’’ Through experiential learning, students get a clear picture of the daily challenges. They are pushed beyond their limits to come up with innovative solutions and prove their expertise. As the students grasp the information, everything becomes real to them.

Students Develop Their Creative Brain

Only problem-solvers can only accomplish their dreams in the corporate world, and that’s what experiential learning makes you! While getting into the depth of this learning style, students understand there are numerous solutions to problems. They are encouraged to come up with their new ideas and develop their creative brain.

Instructors Experienced Improved Attitude Of Students Through Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is all about enhancing their knowledge and teaching them the importance of learning soft skills. Becoming the house of technical skills isn’t something that industries expect; they prefer professionals having a calmer yet sharp attitude towards day-to-day challenges.

Students Learn From Their Mistakes

As students will engage in internships and hands-on training, they will often make mistakes and struggle to complete their projects. Instead of getting frustrated and feeling demotivated, experiential learning turns their every mistake into valuable experiences. Methods and approaches which aren’t much effective should be abandoned. The best part is students eliminate the fear of making mistakes during the training phase.

Living The Adult Life Becomes Easy

Students adopt a socializing nature when they are engaging with experiential learning activities. As students work in groups, they understand the importance of staying united, making plans for the goals, and working on their weaknesses. In a nutshell, students learn how to adapt according to the challenges and lead further life.

How is UBS dealing with experiential learning?

UBS knows exactly how today’s industry is evolving every second. to match the changing needs of the industry; it prepares its students with various unique techniques of learning. The college believes that only an experience that is beyond the classroom can transform a student into a value-adding professional.

UBS is focused on building skills like critical thinking, industry awareness, accountability, problem-solving, meeting deadlines and more that will help the students enhance their abilities to become successful professionals.

Universal Business School welcomes interested candidates for experiential PGDM and BBA programs for the 2021-2022 session. These programs are curated and delivered by world-class leaders and CEOs. If you feel experiential learning is your preferred learning style, look no further and apply at Universal Business School (UBS).


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