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When we look at the history of India, we realize that education holds immense importance in our culture. It is  a key determining factor in improving an individual’s quality of life in both intellectual and physical aspects.  Education leads to the formation of a distinct boundary of separation between a rational individual and an  illogical person. It is the reconstruction and reconstitution of experience having as its aim at every stage an  added capacity to grow. This emphasis on education makes the decision of picking the right university crucial  for any student. 

Vision and mission 

Universal Business School is a world-class business school established in 2008 by international business  leaders in order to bring a more unique experience-based learning policy to young business executives. Ranked  1st in private business school in Mumbai by Times School, 25th best business school in India by Business today Their vision is to impart valuable knowledge and experience to students and transform future business leaders  to be morally responsible and ethically acceptable by society. Universal Business School is also the global  hub of transformative business learning– with partner universities across the world, it provides its students  with the finest learning available internationally. 


Universal Business School has a diverse and dynamic range of curricula like AICTE approved programs,  Global programs, Executive MBA, and BBA, catering to the diverse set of skills required by students. With  its global network of elite business schools like Cardiff-Metropolitan University-UK, Swiss school of  management-Italy and, Northeastern Illinois University Chicago-USA. Moreover, it connects its students with  the best faculty and state-of-the-art technology. With internationally renowned faculty ranging from university  of Oxford, Stanford University, and University of California, UBS provides students with extensive academic  rigor and preparation to find efficient solutions to real world problems. Its Global programs give students the  opportunity to receive the highest degree of education from different continents and multiple business schools.  In the Times B-School Survey 2021, Mumbai, UBS was named a ‘Top Management Institute’ for aspiring  business executives. Universal Business School provides a perfect blend of Indian and Multi-country  education to its students. It provides young entrepreneurs with a global network of CEOs and business leaders  to impart their experiential knowledge to young students. The success of UBS’s practical learning is evident  from their alumni association which comprises UBS graduates thriving in the business world, holding key  leadership positions acquired through their application of corporate knowledge. UBS is a perfect fit for  students seeking executive positions not only in India but worldwide. UBS is one of the first business schools  in India to provide the finest of international education domestically with the option of opting for global  programs as well. UBS stands for ‘By the industry for the industry” it offers students with exchange programs  in association with globally renowned universities such as university of Cologne, Kent state university, and  business school Berlin.  


It is Asia’s first business school with a global trading room providing its students with the technology used  for practical examples. The industrial revolution and the advancement of modern production technology have  led to the origin of a by-product which is the unpredictability of resource availability for future generations.  Universal Business School embodies the principles of ethics and morality by being India’s first green business  school, ensuring an eco-smart integrated thinking and a sustainable campus. 

Skills and Placements 

With companies coming from diverse fields such as, marketing, finance, consulting and human resources in  UBS, students get opportunities to land reputable placements. UBS’s class of 2020 successful graduated with  98% placements. UBS has had successful placements in the top companies extending from top MNCs such as  Deloitte, KPMG, S&P Global, DBS, Amazon, and Google; with the average salary packages being 8.42 lacs  and the highest salary package being 1 crore per annum.  

Social Responsibility 

Universal Business School is committed to the cause of ensuring that the world leaders of tomorrow are  instilled with the morals of corporate social responsibility. It being the first green business school in India it  propagates the principles of sustainable development and envisioning a better tomorrow. The admissions  process is regulated by the attitude and behavior of students towards their societal and corporate  responsibilities. The study of economics and business is all about creating opportunities for individuals stuck  at the lower rungs of the social ladder. UBS empowers their students to utilize human capital and take entrepreneurial initiatives directed towards the betterment of society. 

This blog is written by Akshar Bhatkoti. Akshar Bhatkoti is a student of economics honors at the prestigious Delhi Technological University. He is an all-rounder with a deep interest in public speaking and is the secretary of Deltech the debating society of USME DTU. He completed his Summer internship with UBS in Feb 2022. 


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